A letter to you.


Dear Reader,

I just took a look at my WordPress stats and I’ve hit 8000 views. And holy shit. That’s a whole lot of people who took a moment out of their day to take a look at this little blog on the internet, amongst the mass of other stuff that you could be reading right now.

So I wanted to write to you. I wanted to let you know that I acknowledge that you’re here, you’re listening to me- and that’s making my little heart sing.

I don’t know who you are, I don’t know where you come from- I have no idea how you found this- but you’re so welcome!

Maybe you’re someone I’m actually friends with. Maybe you found me on my Instagram or through the tags. Maybe you’re someone from a past life. I guess I’ll never really know- but here you’ve ended up.

So I wanted to write a letter to say, thank you.

I’ve had blogs before. I used to have a blog called ‘thelondonedit’ (It looks like someone stole my domain when I sold it back) but I loved that blog.

I was so proud of it. I was proud of the writing I did, the frequency of my posting and it was my little baby.

Then someone told me it was shit. She said my writing was shitty and bad. (Lovely piece of work eh?)

I mean firstly, I should have shaken her and told her that my writing was better than her personality would ever be… but I didn’t.

I deleted and stopped doing the thing I’d worked on for so long- because of some pathetic girl’s opinion.

When I decided to start blogging again back in June- I was SO nervous. I was worried about the backlash I would get, the potential for people to critique me and the scary feeling of putting myself out there once again.

But you guys. The people who read this- you’ve made it a safe space again.

Thank-you for giving me the chance to practice my writing, to share my thoughts with you and to always be an open space that I feel like I can be creative in.

I hope that you’ll come back again and that you’re enjoying what you read.

Love you lots.




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