10 ways I’ve changed in 10 years

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I’m currently 23 years old- and I’m feeling hella reflective about the things that I’ve achieved this year as we’re coming to the end of 2017 and the nice clean slate of 2018.

( Also sidenote- how satisfying is it that the 1st Jan is a Monday! So neat and tidy haha)

However, I’ve written an awful lot about the things that have happened to me this year- so I thought it might be fun to share the ways that I feel like I’ve changed as a person in the last 10-years.

1. I speak up. I was a shy kid. Very shy. However, I don’t know if a combination of my family and friends- or the fact that my brain just changed as a teen, has meant that I’ve gone from sweet and quiet, to one of the loudest and outspoken humans ever?

2. I don’t take shit. When I was younger, I would let people walk all over me. I was so respectful of other people’s feelings and I never wanted to upset anyone. However, as I’ve got older I’ve realized something important. People have to earn your respect. I treat other people as I would wish to be treated. So if I’ve been catty in the past- I’m more than happy to work it out, but only if you’re willing to give me that same level of understanding. This also goes for relationships. I know what I want and deserve and I’ve found the guy who’s willing to provide it.

3. I’m more attractive. Sorry- this might sound cocky, and I’m not claiming I’m some kinda Angelina Jolie lookalike/ boy magnet/ wonder babe. However, my braces came off at 14, I learned what a hair straightener was at 15 and my general ability to apply makeup and wear nice clothes has definitely evolved. Puberty was not my friend, but I think I’ve bloomed most in my 20-23rd years!

4. I have more perspective. I’ve lost people I loved and cared about. I’ve experienced grief and from those life lessons- I’ve definitely got a lot more perspective and appreciation of the things and people around me.

5. I value quality friends over quantity. I used to want to be the most “popular” person in school. Nowadays? I value the good friends that I have and I feel so lucky and loved by them.

6. I exercise because I enjoy it. Exercise to me has always been a gigantic burden and one of those things that I felt like I had to force myself to do. However, when I played netball at uni- I found a new love for sport and an appreciation that exercise does not have to be dull.

7. The food I like is different. Is it really weird that I feel like my taste buds have dramatically changed in the last few years? From previously hating wine, beer, mushrooms, and parsnips- I feel like I have a new found appreciation of them.

8. I don’t buy into fashion trends. I decided a long time ago that I was always going to wear what I liked and what felt comfortable to me. I don’t own a lot of items just because they’re in style. Instead- I spend my money on boring ass practical things. (Lol when did i become a grandma?)

9. I like scary things. When I was younger I was TERRIFIED of horror films. But after much bullying from my uni pals, I watched a fair few of them. Although I’m still a jumpy mess (like legit it’s embarassing how much I can leap out of my seat) I find them so much more enjoyable than before.

10. I’m unashamed to be geeky. Oh how hilarious how much I used to try and pretend to be cool. I’m super geeky and always have been, so now I just yabber on about D&D, Star Wars, fantasy novels, board games, video games and any other nerdy pursuit I fancy.

How have you changed in the last decade?




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