Why I love living in the countryside so much

I live in Zone 9. That’s right- there’s a Zone 9.

We’re a shot’s distance from London on the tube- however, I would pretty much say that we’re definitely out in the sticks here in Bucks.

I’m surrounded by fields, it’s super quiet and peaceful- and after growing up as a townie, I can officially say that I’m a converted country bumpkin.

Here’s why I love living here SO much:


I’m a total nature freak and I also hate being cooped up indoors- so the fact that I can just waltz outside and see this on my doorstep is pretty marvelous. I honestly think my mental health is so much better, purely because I’ve been walking a lot more and breathing in all that fresh air. Plus, I’m probably a lot fitter now as well.

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Pub lunches

I am an absolute sucker for a roast dinner. Like literally, I will devour it in one mouthful. We’ve got three pubs in walking distance from our house- and that’s not even getting going on the millions of others that we could drive 5 mins to. Although I love a nice restaurant every now and then, ain’t nothing quite like a hearty roast on a Sunday.

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I honestly don’t think I know more than 2 of my neighbors back in the family house that I grew up in. The thing with towns and cramped suburban places is that nobody seems to look out for one another. Here (although all my neighbours are nearing 80 I stg)- they always wave, say hi and have a chat with ya! There’s a real sense of community when it comes to little villages in the countryside.

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I know this is one of those bullshit things that doesn’t really mean a whole lot, but I def have more of a sense of appreciation for nature and the planet. I’ve become a lot more conscious of the beauty of the planet- and I’m doing all that I can feasibly do to keep it protected.


Making the effort

It can be harder to just pop by and see people now, as we have to actively make the trip and travel. I’ve spent a lot more quality time with friends and family- because I’ve wanted to see them in person now that it’s less frequent. Also, the signal out here is god-awful, so it means I can’t pick up the phone as easily.

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More for your money

When we moved into our house, we had a budget in place. Although this was the top end of what we could afford, we managed to get a one-bedroom house, kitchen, bathroom, sitting room, conservatory (help I’m so middle class) and absolutely mountains of storage space.

For the price of living in Central, I probably could have rented a small room for the equivalent price.

( Also if you’re from the North please don’t remind me how ace the prices are up there. It makes my heart bleed)

Our first 🏡

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I’m definitely a countryside convert- and hopefully, I’ll get to experience living by the seaside at some point in the future. (Fingers crossed!)



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