Things my mum taught me about beauty

I would never in a million years consider myself to know anything about beauty. Even though I enjoy trying new products and I’m always here for a blogpost on them- there’s just something I’m missing.

My makeup probably takes about 10 minutes to apply and then I’m up and out the door.

But along the way I’ve picked up a few nuggets of wisdom from the greatest person alive- my mother. So here are the best beauty tips I’ve ever learnt from Mrs. H:

Sudocrem is literally Jesus in a tub.

Like legit, this magical cream might be designed for babies with a touch of nappy rash- but put a bit of this stuff on redness and blemishes and I can guarantee that by the morning you’ll see a result.

I’ve also been trying adding a touch to my face-masks. We shall see if I end up far more beautiful or just look like a damn snow yeti every time I pop it on.

Makeup wipes are shit. Wash your face.

They’re literally just a wipe smothered in chemicals. I mean, hells I’ve used them in my time- who has the energy to take makeup off after a night out properly?

But, for truly nice skin, you’ve really got to take that extra time and effort.

My mum always made me use cidal soap (antibacterial) and clean flannels when I was suffering with my bouts of teenage acne.

Forget anti-ageing products, use suncream

My mum has such youthful skin. My mum has also never once used an anti- ageing treatment. Instead, she doesn’t smoke, she stays out the sun and she wears SPF all year round.

Now I ain’t suggesting you get the sun tan lotion out anytime soon- but perhaps invest in a foundation with spf included.

Protect your neck

I’ve had this one reinforced to me so many times- but it’s to moisturise your neck and start doing it early. My grandma has been throwing this one at me for years so I thought I’d share the reminder and the wisdom!

Don’t over-pluck your eyebrows

Oh how I wish I’d listened to this advice as a teenager. I’m now in the process of trying to grow them out and back to their natural shape… so I’m supporting a Hagrid chique currently.

It’s what’s on the inside

Probably the most important thing. Of course, it’s nice to look nice. But looks are temporary, youth is temporary and honestly- the people who love and care about you, love you despite your face.




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