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I wrote a post yesterday about ‘Natural Cycles’ and the importance of influencers promoting a misleading and dangerous app related to contraception.

However- I think that this is part of a much larger problem when it comes to blogging and social platforms- which is taking responsibility and care to realize that you have influence. 

I’m 23 and I still admire and consider a lot of influencers to be good role models

Here’s what I think people with a readership platform need to be aware of:

Trigger warnings: 

If you’re going to write about delicate subjects then please for the love of God- pop a trigger warning at the top. I’ve been forgetful and failed to do this in the past, but I’m currently in the process of reviewing all of my mental health posts and anything that I think requires one. I know that it sounds simple, but detailing that you’re going to explore delicate topics is important for people to make a choice to read them or not.

People learn from your posts

If you write about self-harm then don’t say HOW you did it. If you write about EDs, then don’t say WHAT you did to get to that weight. (I also think that numbers and details about calories and diet aren’t useful in the slightest) If you’re going to cover this stuff- then I applaud you for speaking about it openly, but please be aware that people are going to learn from what you say. I got a huge amount of bulimia tips from online platforms.

Research what you promote

Like I said before- if you’re promoting something, then be sure it’s something you can 100% get behind. People use you as a role-model. Be careful with that. If the thing you sell could harm or damage your audience… then you probably shouldn’t promote it. Is the money really worth that?

Create your own ethics

Look, if you wanna promote vagina thermometers or tummy flattening tea- that is your prerogative. But don’t then claim that you’re a ‘body positive’ or ‘sex positive’ influencer. I’m sorry but you’re being a complete contradiction of yourself. There’s no way that everyone is going to align with being 100% unproblematic, but you can choose the things that matter to you and stand by it.



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