My favourite face-masks for sensitive skin

I have ridiculously sensitive skin. I can’t use tons of products, my makeup is boring and samey because I quite often have an allergic reaction and lord help me ever touching a LUSH bath bomb… because I’ll get a rash over my body (also hello those are like a UTI just waiting to happen)

But one thing I do love is a face-mask.

After much trial, error and red-faced flare-ups, I’ve finally pinned down a few facemasks that really work for me and my sensitive skin.

(Please don’t blame me if you use one of these and your face falls off… these are just the ones I love)

L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Purity Face Mask- £7.99

L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Face Mask – £7.99

I LOVE these L’Oreal masks so much. They’re smooth to apply, they smell really fresh (but not too perfumed) and they’re so fun to paint onto your face. Although they’re a little messy, they do come off easily as well. I’ve been using them for the last month or so- and even though the pot is pretty small I’d say you get at least 8 full-masks from one pot. I’ve really noticed a difference in the clarity of my skin after using them as well.

Big downside? They literally get everywhere. As I have demonstrated for you with the photo above and 90% of it getting in my hair/ brows. Mmmm.

Soap & Glory Speed Plump Miracle Moisture Mask- £4.00

Although you will look absolutely terrifying when you pop this one on (I kind of looked like a human penis) – these masks are so refreshing and smooth. They feel really cooling as well, so you feel like you’re really getting some benefit into your skin. They’re also far less messy than your regular facemask. Just pop it in the bin when you’re done and rub in the oils!

This photo literally cracks me up so much still. I can’t believe how hideous it makes you look/ the fact I’m actually putting this on the internet:

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 13.22.45.png

The Body Shop Glow Mask- £17.00

Okay, these ones are way more expensive than the other brands- but I honestly think that they’re so worth it. Although this particular one makes it kinda look like your face is made out of gravel, I really love a thick facemask- because it feels like the ingredients in it are so much more natural and less processed. I would 100% recommend buying the application brush with it, but it’s really made a noticeable difference to my skin and how clear it is!

If you’ve got any good brands for a sensitive face- please let me know!




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