Is it SAD or am I just a grump?

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I’ve been reaaaaal snappy lately. Then weepy. Then cba lemme lie on the floor and die.

I’ve been moping around and being an A+ drama queen about things that, let’s face it- would never in a million years normally bother me.

Things like having to think of what to have for dinner or the fact we have endless piles of washing to do- in fact, honestly? I’ve just been a bit of a misery for the last few days or so.

I wrote briefly that I was concerned that I might be suffering from SAD, otherwise known as ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’- because I honestly can’t see any trigger for this, aside from the endless dark and cold nights.

It’s a strange thing though when you feel like you’re battling with your own head… because on the one hand I’m inclined to believe that I probably am battling the winter blues- but at the same time, I’m wondering if I’m just using that as an excuse for my already shitty mood and the fact I’m probably a bit hormonal.

The thing is with mental health- is that I’m not sure if I can really blame my mood-swings on this. It’s a tricky thing to balance- because on the one hand, scientifically- my body does not produce adequate levels of serotonin. My brain chemicals are unbalanced.

That is literally what the disorder is. But I feel a little bit like I’m trapped in my own head. I’m not sure how to explain it to people- so instead I’m just writing it on here.

I’ve invested in one of those lamps that you’re supposed to sit with when you’re feeling the symptoms- but we shall see how things progress.

Until then- shout out to Luke for being a top-boyfriend who feeds me chocolate and is hella nice to this absolute troll that he lives with.




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