Why influencers shouldn’t promote Natural Cycles

If there’s one thing I think is fundamentally important about having influence and a platform- it’s knowing how to use it.

By having a reactive and engaged audience- as an individual, I truly believe that you are there to set an example for them- particularly young and influential readers of blogs or viewers of videos.

Which is why I’m so massively disappointed every-time I see someone that I admire, promoting “Natural Cycles.”

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Natural cycles is an app- that comes along with a thermometer to measure your temperature and help track your natural cycles- in order to give you a ”clear” picture of the days that you are fertile and days when you are LESS LIKELY to get pregnant.

And you know what? This app is dangerous.

This app is a ridiculous thing to promote and it actually frightens me how many people will see these promotional posts and buy into it, without proper research and knowledge.

It’s not so much my issue with fertility tracking that I have a problem with. It’s the way that the app markets and self-promotes. The way that it spreads misleading information.

By their own admission, this company says that you can have UNPROTECTED sex on ‘green days’ without getting pregnant.

(I took this from their website this evening)

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 20.40.53.png

I can’t even explain how ridiculous this is.

Although this app might be able to mimic a good guess at your potentially more fertile times- nothing is this straightforward or black and white.

If you properly research this, you can get pregnant at any time during your cycle. You know that sperm can live inside you for days? You know that sometimes your cycle can fluctate and shift dependant on hormone balance?

I don’t know about other people- but I wouldn’t think ‘ah well, green day’ and risk the potential of an unplanned pregnancy. But this app? It doesn’t even consider that a possibility.

This is also the sort of thing they post on their social media:

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 21.01.07.png

The other massive thing that I’m sensing from this kind of app, is the fact that people won’t be anywhere near as conscious of sexually transmitted infections.

I’ll admit the website does detail it:

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 20.51.36.png

Do you see it??? That ridiculously TINY ADD ON AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE??

I know that a lot of people are fully aware of the risks of STIs, but call me stupid- but at 16, I didn’t give them a second thought.

I consider myself a smart and well-educated person, but yet- that wasn’t on my radar at that age. I wasn’t knowledgeable about it and yes- I have been unsafe in my time.

It makes me angry as hell that influencers put this sort of shit out there, with only a tiny mention of the fact it doesn’t protect against STIs. This is just the kind of thing that people will skim-read and end up in a horrible and wholly preventable situation.

Honestly, I feel like the only way that this app would be useful would be for a couple who were perhaps trying to conceive a baby and wanted cycle tracking.

Once again, I feel let down by the influencer community.

I get that gurl gotta make money somehow- but if you’re a sex-positive blogger or video maker… it saddens me that people aren’t properly exploring the things they advocate.

Cue the 2018 baby boom eh?




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