I’m really starting to love my body

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I never used to feel sexy or happy with my body- particularly when naked.

Whenever I was at the point when I need to strip bare, I’d always be mildly-conscious of my curves, my imperfect freckles, the fact my tummy has a little pouch, the fact my boobs aren’t anything like the media would have you believe. I would only partly enjoy myself, because, in my head, I was convinced that everything that I was thinking – would be what my partner was thinking.

This has been my permanent state of mind since I was 18- but within the last year or so, things have begun to change for me.

Because lately, I’ve been flooded with a feeling of satisfaction and almost pure love for my body.

It’s not even that I’m embracing ‘body positivity’ or that I’m with an incredible guy, who gives me the best reassurance- instead; I’ve just come to terms with how remarkable it is that I have a functioning body.

That I’m able and healthy.

That I can climb and run and do yoga and carry things. I have a body that’s keeping me alive, that lets me hug my other-half and that one day I might be able to carry a baby with.

Even naked nowadays- I love my bigger hips and my back dimples. I love my thicker thighs and my boobs and my smaller waist. I love freckles and pale skin and the fact that this is my body. It’s the only one I’m ever going to have and treating it right and loving it is the best it’s going to get.

Even though I’ll undoubtedly have my dips in confidence from time-to-time…it makes me so happy that I feel like I’ve really turned away from and left-behind the girl who hated everything about herself.

I’m now a woman, who has a newfound appreciation for everything that I’m lucky enough to have.





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