My 2017 Favourites

One of my favourite blogposts and things to watch on Youtube are favourites videos. However, I’ve totally flopped on ever managing to get my own monthly favourites out- so I thought, since we approach the end of the year- these are the best things I’ve consumed, done and eaten in 2017!

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Baby Driver- This movie is without a doubt the best thing  that I saw this year. Although Kevin Spacey (ew ew ew) is in it, I’m not letting him ruin an absolutely incredibly fun, well-thought out story, with a great cast and bangin’ soundtrack.

Beauty and the Beast- I might be controversial here, but gulp- I think I liked this almost as much as the Disney. Although Emma Watson is undoubtably, a terrible actress- the songs were great, it was visually lovely and it’s one of my favourite stories.

Captain Fantastic- This came out last year, but I only got around to watching it very recently. It’s a heartfelt, family oriented story- with a beautiful message. I cried for ages at the end.. and it isn’t just because I’m a wet lettuce haha!

Lion- Another one that came out last year, that I’ve only got around to recently. But my god is this a beautiful story. It’s about a little boy who gets lost and then adopted by an Australian family. It’s got Dev Patel (who’s from my ends woooo woo) in it- and it’s really beautiful.

Dunkirk- I was really not vibing this when it came out in the cinema- but Luke convinced me to go and eventually I agreed. We saw it in IMAX, which was a fucking experience and a half- I could literally feel vibrations in my chest when the guns were going. This movie was wonderful though. Totally unexpected, heartfelt and left me truly humbled.

Get Out- My friend Dave convinced me that this was going to be one of the best movies of 2017… and mate, he was right. It’s kind of like a comedy, horror- with a great underlying message about racism. Plus it has the scariest monster of all… white people.


I’ve already done a separate post on My Top Albums of 2017 –

But I loved P!nk’s beautiful trauma album this year. Literally holding my breath waiting for her Europe tour dates.


The Stories of Eva Luna- Although I haven’t finished this one- I’m already convinced that it might just be one of the best books I’ve ever read. It’s SO beautiful, her writing flows like water- and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever loved a piece of writing so much.

This is how it always is- Laurie Frankel – This book is the one I’ve read this year that absolutely stuck with me the most. It tells the story from a parent’s perspective of having a transgender child. I wrote a full review here.

Secrets For The Mad- Dodie- I don’t know if I can count this as a proper read, as it’s more a collection of beautiful prose, short anecdotes and lyrics. But it really hit a chord with me. So much of the stuff that she was writing about inspired me to be more creative, helped me feel less alone in my mental illness and made my heart bleed for her. Full review here.


Naked Heat Palette- I try to not spend too much money on make-up, as I wear mainly the same look every day. However, since this came into my life, I’m obsessed. I actually think that the little bits of green in my eyes are so much more enhanced if I wear a nice autumnal colour, and this palette is such a lovely, good quality choice.

Elegant Touch- I fucking love having nice nails… considering I bite mine, pick off the varnish and they always look horrible. So these are a godsend to get nice ones in minutes. Although a pain in the ass to try and do anything fiddly with them on.

NYX liquid lipsticks- Since I loathe the Kardashians, I wasn’t ever going to be wasting money on one bloody liquid lipstick, just because it has their name on it. However- I found these NYX ones in Boots this year- and honestly, they’re INSANE. So much cheaper and I stg you couldn’t tell the difference. (Yes- I’ve tried them, my bestie owns like all the Kylie cosmetics ha)


Matchmakers- Um, I blame Luke entirely for this. I was very happily going about my life, not knowing how insane these were- and now I AM OBSESSED.

Panang Curry- If you know me at all, you will know that I could live of Thai food until the day I die. However, I tried this curry this year and OH MUMMA. A new favourite.

Expresso Martini- I’m boring when it comes to cocktails. I like mojitos or anything with peach in… but my girls always order these, so I tried one. They’re literally the devil combo of caffeine and alcohol- but they sure keep you on the dance-floor.

Costa Black Forest Hot Chocolate- Since it’s the season to be consuming a mountain of sugar in my drinks, I’ve had several of these since they came back! They’re hella bad for me and make me hyper, but OMG YUM GIMME.


Bouldering- I kinda got into bouldering last year, but I wasn’t massively good. However, halfway through the year, I’d been doing loads- and then (in classic Rach style) I fell off the wall and hurt my back. It put me out for a couple of months, but I’m back and still love it as much as ever.

Poety- Although I’ve been writing it for a long time, this was the year I finally felt like I wanted to share some of my stuff with the world! I’m really enjoying going back through old-poems and reading the things that I’ve created.

Sketching- I love art, so I’ve been picking up the paints and pencils and geting more into that over the last year!



Exploding Kittens- This card game is literally hilarious. It’s so simple, easy to pick up- and also requires strategy, which I really need in a game. Defo give it a shot!

The Wolf Among Us- Although this is a telltale game that came out years ago, I finally played it through with Luke. It’s based on fairytale characters, in a more modern grundgy America (FableTown)- it follows the Wolf solving a murder case and it’s just brilliant.

Travel/ Events

Moving Out- Wah I left Mumma and Pa Hallett and moved into our own house this year! It’s definetely been an experience trying to juggle my finances (gah) but I’m finally so settled.

Harry Potter & The Cursed Child- I love Harry more than any other book/media franchise, and I’d bought these tickets in 2015. When it finally rolled around, I was so nervous about what to expect- but holy shit it did not disappoint. If you get a chance, PLEASE see this show.

Getting my tattoo- I mean, the experience hurt ha- but the end result- I LOVE.

Getting engaged- I mean, does this need explaining?

Niagra- Although I LOVED going back to NY, I have been there before. Going to Canada was a totally new experience for me AND I got to experience Niagara Falls. Something I’ve been wanting to see since I was a child.

Getting Woody and Buzz- My fluffy babies have brought SO much joy into my life. They’re the most hilarious little fellas. (In fact, one of them in trying to walk across the laptop as I type this!)

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 14.25.36

Adele- I have loved Adele for SO many years and I finally got to see her in London this year (so lucky, considering she cancelled the next nights!) She really does have the voice of an angel.

Dublin and Coldplay- I took Luke to see his favourite band for his birthday (yep I’ve really set the bar high lol) and we had the absolute best time! Ireland is an amazing place and the band were of course INCREDIBLE. Plus I splashed out and we had insane standing tickets right at the front.

Getting promoted- 2016 was the year I felt I made a leap in my career! I got promoted twice and told that I’m going to be part of the media team at Davos! INSANE.

What were your 2017 favs?




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