10 things you’ll know if you went to an all-girls’ school

I went to an all-girls school from the age of 4-18. (Yep- perhaps some of my psycho traits are easily explained eh? 😉 )

But I thought I’d share with you- the most vital truths about going to an all-girls school:

  1. You will basically leave with absolutely zero idea how to interact with the opposite sex. Your school will endeavour to host discos to get to you to mingle with boys, which will be spent with the girls on one side of the room- boys on the other.

2. Mean Girls isn’t just a movie my friends. It is a reality.

3. ANY male who crosses the school premises will instantly be the hottest guy you’ve ever seen in your entire life. You’ll all be madly in love with any male teachers under the age of 30 and will later in life come to realise that they were all hideous and you were in a man-starved state of denial.

4. Putting makeup on as a team effort in the bathroom is practically a sport. Particularly before joint activities with the boys’ school nearby.

5. Also suffering a mild panic attack at the thought of seeing the guy that you’d been texting- and awkwardly saying one word to each other.

6. Gossip will spread like wildfire. I mean, literally- don’t bother even trying to pretend that you didn’t get with that weird dude… EVERYONE KNOWS.

7. It’s totally socially acceptable to yank up your tights in public right? I mean you’ve been doing it in front of your pals for most of your life.

8. Oversharing? What’s that? You’ll have absolutely no boundaries discussing periods, boys, body hair or any other topic very openly these days.

9. You have the most ridiculous levels of sass possible. You made it through puberty in the most bitchy environment imaginable and you’ve learnt tactics. Also definitely witnessed several girl-fights during your time there.

10. You’re probably still best pals with most of the girls you made it through with. Ain’t nothing gonna bond you like that environment.


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