I miss education


I think I’m one of the rare breeds of human-beings, who loved school.

Most people I’ve spoken to, wouldn’t go back there for the world- facing bullies, exam stress, difficult times and feeling like a misunderstood teenager.

But for me- school was one of the happiest times of my entire life.

I was so lucky that I was never bullied (bar one stint in the sixth form, which was over within a few months) – I had amazing friends and the thing is, I’m probably the nerdiest kid you’ll ever meet. I miss school because I miss studying.

My parents are teachers and spent all of their money sending me and my sister to one of the best schools in London.

It was a private all-girls environment and that meant that I was privy to some of the best teachers who really seemed to care about what they did.

When I went to university, there were, of course, exceptions- but most of my professors were genuinely interesting people, who I feel like I learnt a lot from.

I didn’t enjoy my MA for various reasons- but the only good thing about it was that I felt like I actually learnt a fair amount about the journalism and media industry.

I guess the thing is- I’ve now been in the working world for nearly two years- and fucking hell, I am craving to head back to a university and full-time learning environment.

I miss the structure, the variety and the actually being taught things by intelligent and interesting people- who know so much about their area of expertise.

I feel like nowadays, I’m still learning in a way.

I read a lot of news (because of my job), write a lot, read new books and talk to different kinds of people from all walks of life… but there’s just that small niggle inside me that doesn’t feel like it’s enough.

I miss the structure, the safety, and the entire academic environment. I miss throwing myself into studying and engulfing everything that there is to know about something. I miss essay writing and getting feedback and working hard on something.

I’ve got A-levels in History, Psychology and Politics.. an undergraduate degree in Sociology & Criminology, an MA in Journalism.

I’m interested in so many different things- and I feel like the stuff I’ve studied properly is only scratching the surface of the things that I want to learn about.

I want to study economics, becuase of working for my client for so long. I want to do biology and science-based subjects, because it’s not something I know enough about. I want to properly study English Lit and be better at maths- because I just didn’t enjoy maths that much at school.

However- I don’t know why I feel the need to go into a paying environment to do this.

I’m not sure how to scratch this academic itch that I’m getting- without spending a shit ton of money on taking some time to go back to university again.

I’ve done a few free online courses, I’ve mildly been considering doing a PhD at some point in the future- but I want to be able to break this expectation of myself that I need to actually go to an institution in order to boost my brain.

I guess there are other things I could do to learn new skills- like take a language course or an evening one… but for the moment, I’m feeling super nostalgic about the days I got to spend focusing on learning, instead of earning.

Enjoy education whilst it lasts kids- because the working world isn’t really all it cracked up to be.




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