Things I wish I was better at

As a human-being, I am inherently flawed.

There are several things that I’m bloody badass at- I’m sensitive, I really care about people, I work hard and I’m adventurous- but there are also a lot of aspects of my personality/ skill-set that I wish that I could improve.

These are the things that I wish I could be better at:

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 15.47.12.png

Shaking off criticism– I’ve mentioned several times how bloody awful I am at taking (even well-meant) criticism or constructive critique. I find it very hard to resist becoming defensive or disinterested in the thing that someone has tried to help me out with- and it’s something I’m really working on now. The last time someone critiqued me, it was a bitchy-comment- so what did I do? I rose above it, decided they were a pointless waste of space, and carried on doing me. Tahrahh dear.

Being tidy- I’m very organised, but I’m also messy as hell. Our bedroom is covered in clothes, my kitchen is very rarely neat and my desk at work is a creative slew of ideas and bits of paper. Messy desk, creative mind right?? Maybe not.

Body Confidence.- I have spent so long worrying about being fat, that I actually need to just enjoy my body for what it is. I’m healthy, slim and happy. I wanna spend more time enjoying that instead of belittling myself.

Saving money- I want to write a whole post about how bad I am with my finances, but I haven’t quite got around to it yet. Basically, I am le terrible at saving money. I keep excusing it by saying that ‘oh life is short, I can earn more money’- but um, rach, you need some money to live your life. I really want to try and start saving in the new year so that we can eventually put a deposit down on a house!

Being impulsive- Ok, this one is a double-edged-sword. On the one hand, it’s amazing being an impulsive person. I do a lot of cool shit, I always say yes and I’ve had some amazing experiences. However- this also ties into the being bad with money thing… sometimes my impulsive nature means i’ll get myself into situations or buy things that I can’t really afford to do.

Not getting pissed off- I’m notoriously quite a mellow and chilled out person, but if someone really knows how to push my buttons, there is nothing that will stop me from snapping back. I’ve often acted quickly in response to people and been so angry- that by the time I’ve chilled out, I’m a bit like… ooops. I’m trying harder to just let things wash over me, or to give it a few hours before deciding how I want to respond.

Not over-analysising everything.- I am SUCH an overthinker. I worry about a lot of stuff, when quite often it’s not even a big deal and something that I should really just brush under the table.

Making more effort with seeing people.- I try and chat to all my friends during the week, but I really need to make a more active effort to get off my ass and hang out in person. It’s tricky because a lot of them are far away and we all have busy lives- but it’s so worth it.

Dancing.- I’m a really bad dancer lol. I have quite long limbs so I just kinda throw them around like King Louis from the jungle book and hope for the best. But next year, I actually have to do like, one of those ‘first dance’ things- so I’d kinda like a lesson or two to be good. It’s such a shame as well, because I used to do ballet, tap and modern until I was like 14. What happened eh?

What are you bad at and want to improve on?




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