Having a tech-free evening

Although I love and adore my phone- and work on my laptop for the majority of the day, Luke and I agreed that we’d been feeling a bit swamped with technology and I was feeling suffocated by a constant stream of information and general mind-blaaaah that comes with working in social media.

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So, we decided to hide our phones, put the laptops away and keep the TV off for the entire evening. Here’s how it went down:

We actually talked for ages about our days- Although we always have a snuggle and a catch-up when we get home, it’s normally accompanied by the Big Bang Theory and mindlessly scrolling every now and then.

Without any distractions we had a proper chat and little heart to heart about everything that had been going on at work, which was so lovely.

The kitchen got cleaned- If there is anything I hate more in life, it’s cleaning up dirty plates and tidying the kitchen. We tend to leave it until we run out of cutlery and then do a purge… but since we had time on our side and not much else to sort out, we cleaned properly! (And by we, I mean Luke. Luke cleaned the kitchen and I played with the cats oops)

I didn’t know what to do with myself when peeing- Um, is this tmi? But like, wtf do you do on the toilet if not scroll your phone or reply to messages. Lol soz friends who read this.

We played a game- If we don’t go to the gym, cinema or see our families- our typical evening involves watching a movie or TV show. However, with no TV time- we ended up playing charades! I know it sounds super lame, but it was actually hilarious- I was almost weeing myself laughing at how much of a dork my fiance is.

I had a proper pamper- Since I had switched off, I also decided to glow uuuup. I did a charcoal face-mask, I had a shower, I sorted my brows… I AM LE NEW WOMAN.

Went to bed early- I read loads of my book (The stories of Eva Luna if you care) and then because I hadn’t been keeping my brain awake with loads of blue light, I was KNACKERED. I ended up falling asleep by 10. Parday hard eh?

I think we’re going to try and do this a little more in the future- because I actually felt so good afterwards- and I’m feeling super refreshed today!



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