A day in my life

I honestly have no idea if this is interesting to anyone else- but I’m so endlessly nosy about other people’s lives that I would love to see more blogposts like this.

So here’s what a typical weekday in the life of Rach looks like.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 14.25.36.png

6.40AM- I wake up ridiculously early, because I’d much rather work early and leave on time- but it does mean that most mornings I have to literally drag my soulless body away from the warmth of the bed. It’s also the time of the morning that our kittens are most snuggled with us- making it even harder to want to get up!

The next 20 minutes will be a mad-dash between throwing clothes on, cleaning teeth and attempting to make my face look somewhat presentable for work.

I don’t eat breakfast… cos ew, who the hell can eat at this time in the morning? Nah no thanks.

7:20AM- I always have an audiobook on the go, so I’ll trundle myself into my little blue car and make the 30 minute journey to work.

8:00-9:00- If anyone tells you that adulthood is just a stream of meetings, then they would be right. As a social media account manager, a lot of my job involves liaising with our clients on the plan of action for the day. I submit blog and video ideas, I talk through the content we’re posting and I genuinely want to lie on the floor a lot of the time.

9:05- Tea. Tea is what underpins my entire existence. I normally take 10 (minutes, not cups of tea) with my work wife to catch up on our lives. She literally knows everything about me.

10:00- My morning involves a lot of trawling the internet to look for good content which we can repurpose for our client. I also do a fair amount of writing and bossing people around, cos who da sassiest bitch on the block? RACH. WOO.

11:00- Stuff several biscuits into face. But it’s ok guys, I didn’t have breakfast? (I am literally the worst at eating)

12:00- By the time lunch rolls around I’m probably knee deep in blogs, videos, commissions, planning and have already had about 4 meetings with various team members. It’s a real intense job- particularly when you have a HUGE ASS international client. I mean seriously, who let me have so much power.

I try to be good and make lunch and salads and shit- but holy hell do I love sushi. Also because I work in the damn poshest place in England, the only nearby shops are an M&S and a Waitrose.

1:00-3:30- I have a daily meeting in the afternoon, where we just chat through new ideas, which is the really fun part of my job. I also tend to spend most of my afternoon binging new music and podcasts alongside doing my more boring admin tasks.

Also tea. Again. Always tea in my face plz.

16:00- I’m not one of those people who stays late at work unfortunately. I’m much more of the pelt for the door variety.

16:35- I arrive home to be greeted by two yelling cats. They basically sleep all day while we’re out and then reserve their miowing and mania for as soon as I’m home and want to chill. Yay thanks.

17:00- GUYS, the CHASE IS ON. I love quiz shows ( I think it’s a byproduct of being a student with a lot of free time…) but this one is my absolute fav. Plus Bradley Walsh is literally the same as my dad- which just cracks me up.

17:30- LUKEN gets home. Jump on him for cuddles and chat about our days with.. um.. you guessed it, more tea. (I’m starting to think I have a problem)

18:00- Variable. Sometimes we’ll hit up the gym (lol never) or go out, but usually our dinner is eaten from our laps whilst we chat about boring stuff like weddings or weekend plans or cats lol.

I keep meaning to buy a dining table, but we literally have nowhere to put it. Most of my dinner is spent pushing my cats face away from trying to eat my food.

19:00- I try and blog regularly, so I usually use this time to write a couple of blogs that I can get out in the next day or so.

Occasionally we’ll watch a movie, or I’ll read.

20:00- Bath and face-mask and chill please. I have a stressful job and I actually value this time so much haha. My cat buzz is obsessed with water though, so he stares at me a lot while i’m in the bath. Lil weirdo.

22:00- BEDTIME BED BED BED. My favourite part of the day ha.




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