Disney Pet-Peeves

I ADORE Disney films. I’ve loved them since I was a kid and I’ve watched them so many times now, that I’ve started to notice plot holes.


So here are my biggest Disney pet-peeves:

  1. Ok let’s start with my number one hate, the fact that in ‘Beauty & the Beast’ when they’re all changed back into humans again (lol soz spoiler alert) Mrs. Potts is an old lady… with a young son who can’t be older than 6? Did she age faster when she was a teapot? What’s been going on behind the scenes? Who is his dad? WHAT EVEN IS THIS?

2. Leading on from the mystery that is Mrs. Potts- when she puts chip to bed, who are all the other teacups in his cupboard? Are they real or are they part of this mysterious crockery/ human world we’ve got going on?

3. If Lady and the Tramp had actually puppies, they would definitely have not looked like little replica dogs, they would have been mongrels. Yep, ok good, glad we got that one settled. It’s just basic gene-biology no?

4. When Ariel signed away her voice, she SIGNED IT AWAY. WITH HANDWRITING. Why didn’t she just write dear old Prince Eric a note to explain that an evil sea witch had stolen her legs…and that her best mate was a crab… ok typing that out makes it sound like Ariel made a good call there… #crazygirlfriend

5. At the end of Frozen, why and how is it that Elsa can suddenly control her powers? And don’t tell me that it’s because she found love with her sister or whatever, because that’s just rubbish. No reason behind why she got them and no explanation about how she controls them. Boo!

6. Why does Tarzan not have a beard? He’s got nice long dreadlocks flowing and hasn’t evolved to put anymore than a loincloth on… but sure Disney, he’s got a razor?

7. Why does he bother with the loincloth in the first place in fact?

8. In Sleeping Beauty, did the three fairies really have to celebrate Aurora’s 16th birthday on her actual birthday? Why didn’t they just make it a day later and then take her back to her family when they were out of the danger zone? No forward thinking here ladies.

9. Why is it that Maleficent didn’t send out her bird as well as her minions to have a look around for Aurora? Clearly he’s the only one with a brain in that movie.

10. Why is it that Belle has to be such a stubborn brat and actually goes up to the tower to look in the West Wing? Like legit, the Beast had one rule.

11. How do I take my make-up off like Mulan? This shit is giving me unrealistic expectations:


12. Finally, why didn’t Ariel just kiss Eric? Take some of the power here woman!



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