I’m losing my mojo

I sat down tonight to work on my blog.

I changed up my theme, I started filling in my archive page (cough, which you can check out here cough cough)


And then… my fingers paused over the keypad, as I became stuck for what to write about.

I have about 35 drafts in my bank that I’m either half-finished with or am not sure whether to hit the send button on yet- but I felt uninspired.

I didn’t really feel like any of them were good writing, I didn’t want to write anything new- and I just couldn’t find the enthusiasm to care about this platform that I’ve worked SO hard on to build.

I kinda deep down know what the reason is, but in the spirit of not writing things I’ll regret- I’ll keep that one to myself.

The other thing is I’m feeling a bit bleh with my writing at the moment- actually, I’m feeling a bit bleh with all writing.

I haven’t read nearly as many blogs as I normally do lately… I haven’t written my book. I’m finding that words are stilted and they aren’t flowing easily to me at all right now.

The last few posts I’ve put out are ones that I’ve probably had on the backburner for weeks and required very little updating… so how the fuck do I get my mojo back?

I’m hoping that my brain will snap back into the swing of things soon…




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