My favourite rock bands

Although I’m an absolute sucker for cheesy pop music- the biggest love in my life is for rock bands.

I can belt out some Taylor no problem these days- but when my parents asked me as a child my favourite band? It was the Beatles.

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That love has continued throughout my life- so here, are my personal favourite rock bands that make me wanna sing loud and proud:

Thirty Seconds to Mars

I am absolutely weeing myself with excitement that I get to see 3STM live again in 2018. You might recognise lead singer Jared Leto from the film “Requiem for a dream” and “Fight Club”. He’s a multi- talented sex god, with a voice that makes me want to scream cry along the lyrics.

Favourite songs- This is war, Kings and Queens, Closer to the Edge

You Me At Six

The first time I experienced YMA6 was when someone from school introduced me to “their brother’s friend’s band”. Yep, these local lads from Weybridge have literally been around for years, producing album after album of solid excellence. Me and Luke saw them this year at Ally Pally and my god was it brilliant.

Favourite songs: Underdog, Lived a lie, Give

Arctic Monkeys

I mean really, who doesn’t love the Arctic Monkeys? They’re a Sheffield born rock band, lead by front-man Alex Turner. Although they are classified as a rock band- I reckon that they’re also a mix of punk, indie and garage.

Even if you’re not a fan, if you’ve ever been in a club- I can guarantee you’ve danced hard to one of their songs.

Favourite songs: R U Mine?, Arabella

Green Day

Green Day are an American punk-rock band, who I’ve loved ever since I was old enough to stream my own music. Still never managed to catch them live, but the Green Day musical in London is a brilliant piece of theatre if it ever comes to your town.

Favourite songs: Basket Case, Jesus of Surburbia, 21 Guns

The Killers

The Killers are an American rock band formed in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2001 by members Brandon Flowers and Dave Keuning. If you haven’t been in a club and heard ‘Mr.Brightside’ at least twice, then you’re in the wrong place my friend.

Aside from this, this band have been the absolute soundtrack to my life. I love that they have something for every emotion you’re ever feeling, the lyrics are so fantastically well-written and hell- there ain’t nothing catchier than a Killer’s tune.

Favourite songs: When you were young, The World We Live In, Read my mind, Shot in the night

The Black Keys

This band literally just give me all the feelings about my first years of university- since they were a constant soundtrack every morning. They’ve been compared to The White Stripes- and I can kinda see that. They’re both based purely on drums and guitar, they both have two members- however, I reckon they’re so much more than that. Fun, unique, catchy and perfect roadtripping music.

Favourite songs: Gold on the Ceiling, Lonely Boy

Panic at the disco

Um be still my beating heart. There is no band that I’ve ever loved more than Panic. Originally founded by Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith and Brent Wilson- Panic have chopped and changed throughout the years- but continued to produce absolute perfection to me. Brendon Urie has the voice of a fucking angel, their musical style is so flexible- and I love how they’re unafraid to experiment with their music. (Can you tell I’m obsessed) I’ve seen them live once, but once is absolutely not enough.

Favourite songs: Northern Downpour, Nearly Witches, Turn off the Lights, Ready to go

Who are your favourites?




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