Why I love tattoos so much

I genuinely think tattoos are absolutely beautiful. There’s nothing I love more than talking to other people who have them, to find out their story, their reasons for getting them- or just admiring some beautiful artwork!

There are several reasons that I love mine so much:

It helped me over my eating disorder

The first tattoo I ever got, was a quote. A quote that reminded me of how far I’d come and how much life there was still to live, without wasting it on something as horrible as my mental illness. Although I still struggled with it for a few years after, that felt like a turning point for me.

My tattoos give me confidence

When I first got my half-sleeve, my friend Emma joked that I was turning into a sassy little thug. But in a way… it’s true. I feel like my tats give me the confidence in who I am, my originality and to embrace myself. I feel so much sexier naked now I’m inked up as well.

It’s a talking point

I mean, this is obviously not the reason I got them- but it has started many a conversation throughout my life. Word of warning though- if you get something written on your back, you will have creeps in bars pulling your top down to read it. Ick.

It’s beautiful artwork

I love art in all its forms- but having an artist as incredible as Antony give me a permanent reminder of his work, is such a buzz.

I’m not planning on anymore for the moment but in the future I’d really love to have a watercolour one done… we will see eh?



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