Self-care for shitty days

We all have them. Despite being sassy queens, who can juggle 10 things at once, still have fleeky-brows and deal with the world on our shoulders- everyone has those days that you just wake-up in the morning with that absolute weight of dread and cba-ness.

If you have a mental health condition, you’ll probably understand this feeling ohhhh so well.

But even if you don’t and you wake up with the lol no-vibes… here are my tips to look after yourself.

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Take a ‘mental health sick-day’

Mental health is an illness. It is literally the same as having a physical condition- and you wouldn’t drag yourself into work with a broken leg now, would you? Accept that you’re entitled to look after yourself and tell your boss that today it just ain’t happening.

If I’m feeling truly shit I will actually explicitly say to my manager ‘sorry, my mental health is bad- I’m taking today to recover’- but if you don’t want to tell them, then having a migraine is a great excuse.


You know what? Sometimes it’s cathartic to just let it all out. I tend to be more of the scream-crying-into-a-pillow variety of human, but a little cry is good for you. (Preferably wrapped in the arms of your favourite human… or pet. Pets are great for crying)

Talk it out

I think that sometimes taking a step-back for yourself is good for you. ‘Me time’ is beneficial, but it’s not healthy to be alone too much. If you haven’t got anyone trusted nearby, then pick up the phone. Your mum is always there to listen.


I’ve written before that making a cup of tea is how I calm myself from panic-attacks. It’s routine, it’s easy, but requires enough brain energy to actually do something.

It’s a hug on the inside that you need.

Have a bath

I can’t use bubble-baths or LUSH or anything fun because my skin is too sensitive, but just running a hot bath and sitting there with my eyes closed really helps. Let yourself feel all the feels there.

Switch your phone off

Social media is the worst way to feel like you’re the only person in the entire world who ever feels like this. Just pop it on charge upstairs and leave it there. It won’t help.

Put on your best pjs and grab a duvet

There’s no point forcing yourself into the world when you feel crap. Just get snuggled up on the sofa… and absolutely put on clean pjs. I dunno why, but psychologically this just tricks my brain into feeling slightly better.

Watch a TV show you’ve seen 100 times

If I’m having a truly shit day, I watch FRIENDS, Gavin and Stacey or Harry Potter. They are my comfort watches and they make me feel safe and comforted.


They might not be for everyone, but I instantly feel more together and like I can actually move past my brain-nonsense if I’ve popped one of these on. Also they’re fun to smile really wide and watch them crack. (Why am I a child)


Much the same as comfort TV, I have comfort books. I know it’s ridiculous but I love the Louise Rennison books.

Listen to music

I have a ‘get your shit together’ playlist. Pumping out a bit of Taylor, Panic, Arianna and Gaga can really lift me out of a slump.


I have a diary that is 90% full of anger, hurt and irritation. It’s stuff that I shouldn’t post anywhere public, but it’s a great way to vent out your frustration.

What are your tips?




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