10 things I want to achieve in my life

If you know me lads, you know I love a list!

I know that some of the pre-planning might take the fun and spontaneous twists and turns out of life- but currently, at 23 years old- here are the things I’d still like to achieve in my lifetime.

Who knows? I might have a revised list a year or so from now!

1. Getting married

I’ve never been the girl who particularly fanaticised about the white dress and the big party. However, my parents have the absolute best-marriage, love and friendship- and I’ve always wanted that for myself. When Luke asked me- that wasn’t even something I thought about twice.

2. Working in a magazine

When I worked at Women’s health I honestly knew that I had found the thing that I wanted to do. I love to write, I love digital media and I loved the whole environment. Please, get me back there!

3. Getting a book published

I have been writing and whiffling on about my book for the longest time… so when it’s finally finished – I would love to be a published author.

4. Bebes

I know that kids aren’t for everyone, but honestly I’m such a maternal person, I really hope that they’re something that I’ll get to experience for myself. I’m convinced I’m going to have boys- but I guess if it happens, then time will tell!

5. Angkor Wat

This is a temple complex in Cambodia and I’ve literally been fantasising about going there ever since I saw photos of it. It’s the largest religious monument in the world and I think it would be such an incredible experience.

6. Own my house. (By the sea)

Hello adult Rach- wtf kinda goal is this? But it’s true- I would love to get out of renting and onto the property ladder. I also have wanted to live by the sea since I was a kid- so maybe we will take the plunge at some point in the future!

7. Do the Inca Trail.

Another travel plan that I’ve been obsessing over for years. I would love to go to Peru and watch the sunrise over it.

8. Swim with sharks.

I LOVE sharks. They’re beautiful, fascinating and movies have given them a very bad rep. I would probably be hella nervous, but I think it would be an amazing experience to swim alongside great white sharks.

9. Scuba in the Great Barrier Reef.

I mean, if you know me in real life- you’ll probably have heard me ranting about coral reef destruction (environmental nerd) but I’d love to see the reef before we bleach all the coral and destroy it completely.

10. Meet someone who inspires me.

I mean there are A LOT of people who inspire me to live better and be a good person. But I’d love to have a conversation with the people who inspire me.

What are your life goals?




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