My Top Albums of 2017

This year has been an absolutely smashing year for music. I’ve seen some amazing people live and I’ve also been plugged into Spotify 99% of the day at work- just absorbing it all up and making endless playlists!

So here are my top 10 albums of this year. (This was fucking hard by the way- so shoutout to Pink, Paloma and Sam Smith… you were close!)

The Killers- Wonderful Wonderful

The Killers are absolutely one of my favourite bands EVER to exist. I honestly never thought that I’d love an album as much as ‘Sam’s Town’… however, this one is coming very close.

After a 5 year gap, it seems that our lead singer had been suffering from a bad case of writer’s block, hence ‘Have all the songs been written’– but it looks like Flowers managed to pull it out the bag again.

It’s raw, it’s fun, it’s creative and I feel like Brandon Flowers has really remained true to that classic Killer’s sound.

Favourite Song- The Man

Lorde- Melodrama

When I heard “Green Light” for the first time I actually cringed. The lyrics were bizarre, Lorde felt like she’d kind of had her peak.

However, I think I snap judged this album.

She certainly is something special- with her raspy and almost alien voice bouncing across the tracks effortlessly.

I can’t lie- the songs are fucking catchy, they’re well produced- and even though I don’t listen to it obsessively, I think Melodrama has really brought me around to Lorde as an artist.

Favourite song- Perfect Places

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom- Halsey

I obsess over Halsey ALL the damn time- and I adored her BADLANDS days so I was ridiculously overexcited when her new album came out this year.

It’s like Sci-Fi Romeo and Juliet in all honesty. She starts of by reciting the prologue from the play.

It’s synth excellence- and she’s definitely defining herself as an individual artist- and not just that girl who had a hit with the Chainsmokers.

She’s got ambition and this album is a testimony to her commitment as an artist to experiment.

Favourite song- Now or Never

Reputation- Taylor Swift

One of the most anticipated albums of the entire year. I loved this so much that I reviewed it separately here.

Basically, Taylor got everything right.

Favourite song- Getaway Car

Divide- Ed Sheeran

I can’t believe this album only came out in 2017. It feels like it’s been playing alongside my life for years now!

This album is my absolute favourite of Ed’s. He has such a mish-mash of rap, romance and truly proves himself as the king of golden pop tunes.

I love his gravelly voice, the honesty, the fun and the true “sing-along” nature of all of the songs.

Plus, I saw him live this year and it was the damn best thing ever.

Favourite song- Perfect

Night People- You Me At Six

On their 5th studio album, I feel like YMA6 finally managed to break into mainstream radio and give people a reason to see what the fuss is about.

Although some fans were disappointed that they had gone in a slightly different direction- this album to me is absolutely stuffed to the brim with their classic rock sound, their catchy lyrics and something you want to turn up loud and sing in the car.

Favourite song: Give

Lust for life- Lana Del Ray

Oh Lana, my babe. Listening to her sing is literally like falling into a psychedelic trip or a dream.

I love that on this album there’s so much more imagery, alongside her dark usual beats and themes.

I imagine driving along highways in America when I listen to this one- she’s always going to be a firm favourite.

Favourite song: Love

Glasshouse- Jessie Ware

I’ve never really listened to any of Jessie Ware before- but I discovered her hit “Alone” whilst scouting for some chilled tunes to relax to.

It’s nothing revolutionary, but this album is actually lovely. It’s raw, she’s got a sweet and soulful voice- and it’s such easy listening I felt I had to put it on here.

Favourite song- Alone

Visions of a life- Wolf Alice

I saw them back in 2011 in an underground gig in Notting Hill with around 20 other people, so I’m super pumped that they’re entering the mainstream.

This album is a mix of beautiful vocals, tied up with rock, synth and folky beats. They give me XX vibes- super unique and something a little different.

Definitely, one to keep your eye on.

Favourite song: Don’t delete the kisses

What have you been loving this year?




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