I failed.

Remember when I wrote this damn preachy blogpost?


Ugh even reading it back I’m like ‘hells this bitch is annoying’- because look at smug little me at the start of the month, full of promise, positivity and productivity.

Well guys, the truth is- I failed NaNoWriMo this year.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 18.23.03.png

It’s the last day of November- and instead of writing another goody-two-shoes blog about how successful I am and brill at everything- I’m writing about failure.

I’ve got a total word-count of 23,035 words, so basically- I didn’t even make it half-way.

But the thing is- I kinda don’t really give a shit.

There were a few reasons why I think this year was such a flop:

1. I had loads of work on. Honestly, having a full-time job is a fucking productivity drain. After waking up at 6am, driving 40 minutes to work… having an 8 hour day and driving home again- the last thing I felt like doing, was sitting staring at the screen for even longer. I wanted to watch the Chase, have a bath, a cuddle with Luke and to go to sleep lolz. (Parday hard)

2. Other things took priority. November was full of opportunities, that mainly didn’t involve sitting at home. Yes, I could have turned down fun things in order to smash out my novel- but honestly? I didn’t want to.

3. I wasn’t enjoying my novel. One of the things I found throughout November, was that I was bored. My story wasn’t gripping me, I was forcing myself into working on it- and the only things that I wanted to do were to hang out with Luke, my friends, my family, read books, play with the cats or to write on my blog. All of those things seemed to take priority- and I think I made the right decision.

4. I got a cold. I mean, this is a pathetic excuse. But I had a week of feeling truly poop. I was just shuffling around the house in my dressing gown and slippers being like nope cba for anything. Also it’s hard to write when you have to keep blowing your nose ok?

There’s a small part of me that’s a little disappointed at failing my November goal. But at the same time, I’ve still got 23,000 words of something. That’s more than a lot of people have probably ever written in their entire life on one project.

The thing with failing, is that you have to embrace and learn from it.

I’ll take it as a success that I still got something down on paper- and maybe I’ll try again next year!



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