Justice League: Review


Right. Let me start of by saying, that you should instantly lower your expectations of this film.

If like me, you’re an absolute sucker for a Superhero film- then unfortunately, I’ve gotta say that I felt a little let down.

Although this film is infinitely better than Batman VS. Superman (otherwise known as the worst DC film in history) and it’s probably slightly better than ‘Suicide squad’- ‘Justice League’ unfortunately failed to stand on its own two feet, to compete with the likes of the Marvel Universe.

I’ll admit that part of the problem comes from the film’s mixed production- as it’s original director/ co-writer Zach Synder had to leave the project, leading to Joss Wheddon to step in to finish the film.

As a result of this, the story feels a little muddled in storyline and style. Zach Synder favouring a more serious action flick and Joss Wheddon forcing jokes at every turn.

Plot wise, the story jams 120 minutes of Batman collating a group of superheroes to fight Steppenwolf- an out of world being with a seriously bad hat.

Flash, Wonderwoman, Aqua Man and Cyborg hold the majority of the story- with superman (alongside Henry Caville’s career) being brought back to life at the last moment- for the final showdown.

I’m pleased to say that DC have improved on the entertainment factor of their productions. The story is without a doubt, exciting and the interplay between our heroes is interesting. There’s a lot of banter- and although there’s far too much going on to provide any of our characters with any substance or backstory- broadly, it is an entertaining flick.

There’s a strong sense of camaraderie between the group and the film strongly resonates with overcoming evil, hope, love and a brooding Ben Affleck.

Also… my only claim to fame being that Henry Caville once danced with us in a club and bought a round- I guess I have to say I still quite support his face. His acting.. that’s a whole other story.

However- there are far too many plot holes, niggles and non-sensical aspects of this film, to give it a better rating.

I didn’t for one moment feel that humanity was really threatened- considering the only people who actually get saved in this film are a Russian family and an Icelandic community.

The story was predictable- a little stilted and the humour felt forced to me.

Ultimately, this film has some heart. It shows potential for DC- but sadly, failed to quite hit the spot.


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