How I Knew I’d Met “The One”

Before I met Luke, my love life was a hot mess.

I’d fucked up a two-year relationship and was on an absolute single-girl bender for the 6-ish months before I met him.

I was out partying every weekend, dating random guys I didn’t even like and was supremely unhappy deep-down.

I’d downloaded Tinder on a whim and I’d been dating someone who was, to put it bluntly, a bit of a pointless endeavour. (Sorry hun)

It was fizzling out bit by bit (hence the reason I was back on the app)- when I received a message from a guy called Luke.

“You can share my Netflix if you want 🙂 “

At first I was like… um ew, are you about to offer me Netflix and chill. Fuck I hate men/tinder/dating. But I replied anyway. (Apparently in my bio I’d put that I needed to steal a Netflix subscription)

I was bored, it was Sunday night- and suddenly, I was laughing out loud at my phone.

We were joking easily, talking like old-friends and we’d skipped all the classic formalities you get from online dating.

He called me ‘shark girl’- because I’m weirdly obsessed with them and wouldn’t shut up about watching ‘Shark Boy Vs. Lava Girl’… so after an evening of chatter, we’d arranged a first date.

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 20.46.15

And now? We’re engaged.

It’s been one of the most insane adventures I’ve ever been on. But here’s how I knew that, when he got down on one knee- that I wanted more than anything in my life to say yes yes yes, gimme the shiny ring please now. 😉

Firstly, I feel like I’m the most important person to Luke. He always puts my needs over his and even though we take the piss that he’s stubborn, he basically always looks after me first. That to me, is the mark of the kind of man that I’d want to one day raise my children, live with me in my old age- and it shows how wonderfully selfless he can be.

His sense of humour. We honestly have the most dumb ass jokes. We crack each other up and I feel like finding each other funny is such an important aspect of a relationship to me.

Although I can be difficult, I’m easily-upset and I’m very sensitive, I feel like he just gets that. He’s so aware of my feelings and so kind and understanding of my OCD and anxiety. He’s here for the good times and the bad.

When we argue, it lasts about 10 minutes. The thing that we’ve both agreed is so drastically different about any previous relationships, is that we never yell at each other.  I used to have absolute screaming matches with my first boyfriend, but it’s not just the maturing factor that comes into it. It’s also that I would never want to argue or shout at him. We respect each other enough to chat about things we don’t agree on, which I just love.

He’s exciting. My ex would never be up for trying new stuff and it was such an effort to get him out of the house and away from the damn TV. Luke is always up for adventures, which is exactly the kinda guy I need.

He motivates me to be better. He gives me that shove up the bum to let things go, to strive to be more and to challenge what I get comfortable with.

My family LOVE him. Like seriously, I think my mum likes him more than me.

He’s kind to me. I’ve never met someone who was so sweet, didn’t want to upset people and even though he absolutely has foot in mouth, he’d never intentionally say things to hurt people.

I’ve been in relationships of people who didn’t treat me the way that I deserved to be, but honestly- keep looking for that guy who gives you all the kinda feels that I get from my own goofball.

Sorry if this post made you want to do a vom in your mouth- but sometimes you gotta appreciate the good things in your life.




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