I miss nice Taylor Swift

You know in the “You Belong with Me” video”- where Taylor is the uncool, sweet, lovable girl- coming up against the nasty, popular Taylor Swift? Well, I feel that’s the transition I feel like has happened with her lately.

Her “Look What You Made Me Do” video shows her throwing off her previous personas. The old Taylor is dead. The old Taylor can’t come to the phone. Guys did you get the memo, I’m not the nice, country singer that I used to be.

Although I adore her new music, I love her style and I’ll always be a massive fan- I hate that she’s turned into the kind of person who glorifies being snakey, bitchy, catty and generally just not very nice.

I used to admire Taylor so much, not just for her success- but also for the kind of values that she embodied.

She was kind to her fans, she shared her heartbreak in that way that made your heart just bleed for her- and she also was such a wholesome, family oriented and lovely kind of person.

I get it. Kanye West was a fucking asshole. She’s had a shitty time with the media, she’s embracing the way that she’s portrayed.

I get that she’s going to change the more that Hollywood sucks her in.

But I also miss how she used to be and it really makes me sad that she felt the need to stoop to this level, rather than rise above it.

I began to love Taylor back in her 2008 days.

I loved Teardrops on my guitar, Tim McGraw… her sweet, beautiful and vulnerable “Fearless” album.

I saw her live with my best girl friend at the time. We both absolutely idolised her.

She was everything that I wanted to be.


I enjoy the new stuff because it feels like she’s grown up as an artist- but I do miss the innocence she used to have.

She’s shed her skin as time goes on- but it’s a shame that she feels the need to “drag” other people in order to stir up controversy.

The world could always use more kindness, better female role models and she doesn’t need to embody that cool girl persona to be popular in my view.


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