Films I love, that everyone else hates

I did a post a week or so ago about ‘films I hate, that everyone else loves’ – but I thought that it might be interesting to flip it around and share the ones that I love… which critics, other people and everyone else seems to hate.



Pirates of the Caribbean- Stranger Tides

OK, I know that most people seemed to weep to the high heavens at how downhill these movies went. But actually, I really enjoyed this one! It took a step-back from the Keira Knightly storyline, a twist away from Jack Sparrow and is just a real fun fantasy adventure. Plus- Penelope Cruz, oh hi.

Jennifer’s Body

When high-schooler Jennifer (Megan Fox) gets possessed by a demon, she begins to eat all the men in her town. God, even writing a summary of that and it sounds like trash- but I swear to god this movie is actually hella entertaining. Megan Fox is seamlessly evil and the soundtrack is bangin’.

The Mummy

I’m talking the new Tom Cruise version. I know that it wasn’t hugely well-reviewed by the critics, I know that adapting a classic is a dangerous game- but I have to say it was really exciting, entertaining and it even had an element of humour that I enjoyed. (Although it wasn’t scary-booooo)

Spring Breakers

A group of girls are seeking a spring break adventure, when a chance encounter with rapper “Alien” promises to give them everything they want. I dunno why I like this film so much. It’s not just the star-studded cast that sells it to me. It’s weird, it’s exciting and it properly sucks you into a drugs and booze fuelled trip.

The Twilight Saga

I can’t deny myself anymore- I REALLY LIKE TWILIGHT. Ok, it’s cringe and it’s badly acted and blah blah blah- but it’s one of those easy watches that I just can’t seem to shake. Yep ok, I’ll go hide in a corner now.

What are your guilty pleasures?




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