Stop taking so many photos

Theres a phenomenon in the modern world of social media that’s really, really pissing me off.

Picture the scene- you’re at a concert, you’ve been building it up for months. You’re hyped as fuck, and when the best song begins to play- instead of everyone singing along, dancing and enjoying themselves- you’re in a sea of mobile phones with everyone staring intently at their screen.

You’re at a meal with your friends and pop open a bottle of wine. But nope- wait- you can’t cheers or drink it until someone has boomeranged you clinking glasses.

You’re at pres, hanging out with a group of friends- but you can’t get on with the fun stuff like playing drinking games until they’ve taken like the millionth selfie of the night- to fill a feed of exactly the same photo of their face, with yet ANOTHER photo… drumroll… of their face!!

It’s something that I’ve been noticing more and more lately- and let’s face it, I’m no hypocrite here. I’ve been guilty in my time of being a little like this. But I honestly think it’s getting worse.

I’m not throwing shade at people who want to do this occasionally, take a few pics or people who take selfies- but I’m bored of it being a constant presence in my life.

I want people to stop valuing the amount of fun they’re having, by the quality of the photo they take.

I want to disparage the “pics or it didn’t happen” sentiment.

I want people to start actually embracing the moment that they’re living in- rather than watching it through their iPhone.

And please for the love of god, stop taking damn selfies every day of your life. We get it. You’re very nice looking. Good for you.

It’s something that I’m personally very aware of now and I’m trying to impress on everyone.

Nowadays, If I go to a concert, I will take one or two photos and potentially a little 10 seconds of video. Then I put my phone away. I don’t even think about videoing my drinks and I take maybe a selfie every couple of weeks, if I look particularly nice.

I’m trying to use my phone less and I’ve dumped twitter from my life to live more in the moment.

Social media is amazing and brilliant at times- but it’s also depressing that people are valuing how things look over how they feel.

Put your phone down, forget the photo- and go out and enjoy yourself. You won’t regret it.




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