Am I being brave enough?

I was watching I’m a celebrity last night and they were talking about their reasons for going into the jungle.

Aside from ya know- the little factor of being given a fat pay check by ITV, most of them said that they wanted to challenge themselves and to do something that scared them.

Although I won’t be going into the jungle anytime soon, or stuffing huntsman spiders into my mouth- it got me thinking… I am doing enough stuff that scares me? Am I being brave enough?

When I was a teenager I had literally no sense of the word “risk”. I used to do things all the time that frightened me.

I travelled on my own, I moved away from home, I talked to guys I liked and made the first move. I went to events on my own, I jet-skied and climbed mountains and skied down slopes that quite frankly made me want to throw up.

I also did little things that frightened me. I would public speak, make insane goals and did lots of charity work that pushed me to my limit.

But now? I’m wondering if I’ve lost my momentum a little.

Although I did a lot of traveling this year and I made the terrifying (yet wonderful) commitment to marry the guy I’m crazy about- I want to be pushing myself more.

I’ve got very comfortable in a job, I’m being lazy with writing my book- and I’m probably spending a few too many evenings watching tv instead of putting myself out there and trying new things.

I want to be making the most of every moment of my life (cringe but true) – and that ain’t going to happen anytime soon if I don’t make the effort to do it.

So I’ve made a little list of 8 things I’d like to do before the end of the year that put me out of my comfort zone a little, or just give me a challenge. They aren’t crazy, dramatic or insane, but they are important to me, and push me to make the most of everything.

1- Do a pottery class. This is so lame but I actually think I’d be really into pottery. I’m a creative type and good with my hands (eh eh)- so I think this would be an interesting thing to try.

2- Write another 10,000 words of my book. I am such a procrastinator with this!! I want to be a published author but that ain’t going to happen if I don’t finish the damn thing.

3- Try something I’ve never eaten. I went to Dans le noir (where you eat in the pitch black) with an ex- and I would love to go back with Luke and try the experimental menu!

4- Do a pull-up. I’m getting really back into my fitness and health at the moment (you can follow my insta on @rach_fituk_) and I’d love to be able to do at least one pull-up by the end of the year.

5- Try a deep fried mars bar. This sounds so ridiculous- but this summarises to me all of my fears I’ve ever had about food. It’s deep fried, it’s chocolate and I’m sure it’s gonna taste bloody delicious.

6- To record a podcast. I mean this one will probably be a next year thing, but it’s something I’d really like to try.

7- Invite everyone to our wedding. This scares me. Of course it does! It’s a massive commitment to someone for the rest of my life but god am I so excited and happy to send out those invites! Come see me and Luke be bumbling messes and get pissed with us wooooo!

8- Keep blogging about important topics. It scares me when I publish things that I think will make me look bad, not perfect and might be difficult. But it’s important. It’s so important to keep the conversation open.

What are you doing that scares you?




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