9 underrated songs you should listen to

There’s nothing I love more than discovering new music or even just unknown music by people that I (and everyone else) loves.

So here are a few of my hidden gems. Artists who’s songs didn’t quite make it to the charts or people you might never have heard of. Enjoy!

To Be Human- Sia, Labrinth

This song has so much soul to it. It’s beautiful, it gives me shivers and it’s got that incredible drum-beat under it that just makes me imagine dancing around in the rain. It was defo on the Wonder woman soundtrack but I never hear it on the radio, it definitely didn’t get the hype it deserved.

Chasing Rubies- Hudson Taylor

I saw these gorgeous boys live about 5 years ago, and here they are today- still making absolute bangers. They’re folksy, indie and you’ll enjoy if you like Mumford and Sons.

Hero- Lissie

Oh my god why is this woman not more popular? She’s got the most beautiful, soulful and heartfelt voice ever. This song is incredible. Listen to her cover of “pursuit of happiness” as well.

Cut to the feeling- Carly Ray Jepson

Yeah I thought she’d had her hay day at ‘Call Me Maybe’- but this song is really fun, pop filled, catchy and yes, I’ve been dancing around in my pants to it for weeks.

I Have Questions- Camilla Cabello

Havana has been number 1 for weeks, and it’s no surprise- it’s DAMN CATCHY and makes you just want to move. But this song is so raw, it’s so beautiful and properly showcases her talent.

Rainbow- Ke$ha

I love this woman. I love her music. I just love her grungy little attitude- but this song is really beautiful, a softer side of her- and although it took me a couple of listens- I can’t stop playing it.

Arms Open- The Script

This one is from their new album, it’s classic the Script- but I feel like it’s gone under the radar a little. It’s a really brilliant tune. Nothing mind-blowing, but decent and worth a listen. (Tbh it’s way better than rain, why is that so popular?!?)

Old Flame- Tom Speight

He’s a relatively unknown singer, but I absolutely adore this song. It’s so soulful and beautiful. He’s definitely someone to watch. Reminds me a little of Ed Sheeran and Tom Odell kinda mixed.

Guilty- Paloma Faith

This wasn’t released too long ago, but after listening to her entire new album- I’ve gotta say this is without a doubt my favourite. All her music reminds me of something that could be a bond theme. She’s got such a belter of a voice.




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