9 things your mum is always right about

My mum is my absolute rock. She’s my best friend, I tell her literally everything about my life, and honestly, I can’t think of anyone better to have brought me up. (Papa H appreciation post also coming soon)

She’s also always bloody right. So here are 9 things that she taught me, that I should have listened to sooner:

1- If your mum asks if you’re taking a coat. You better pick up a damn coat.

She’s right. You’re gonna freeze to death and you won’t even be able to whine at her because she told you to do it.

2- Getting out for a walk will really change your mindset.

She used to drag us around the countryside every weekend for “fresh air” and to get out the house. Now? I bloody love going for a stomp around the countryside. Who knew?! (I’ve been brainwashed)

3- You will get over him.

When I broke up with my first boyfriend she came and slept in my bed with me that night while I cried that nobody would ever love me again and my life was over. But she was right- my life wasn’t over. In fact, it was a very good thing in the long run.

4- “Don’t get too drunk”

Ah, these immortal words she’d shout out the door as I left to go out with a whole bottle of vodka stashed in my bag. I could have saved myself a whole lot of embarrassment had I listened to this advice.

5- That I deserved better.

I am too nice sometimes. I let my exes get away with treating me like crap and I would simply cry to her, rather than sort my shit out and dump their sorry ass. I did deserve better- and Luke is the only guy I’ve ever brought home who’s got the full seal of approval.

6- “If everyone else jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?”

I used to eye-roll so hard at this but my mum said this ALL THE TIME when I was younger and copying the latest fad or basically going against everything that was true to myself. She was absolutely right. I embrace my nerd personality, my terrible laugh and my own sense of style nowadays.

7- Girls can be nasty

Fuck me have I learnt this lesson too many times. Girls can be bitchy and catty and downright frightening sometimes. If you’ve ever wronged me, my mum will know about it- and she won’t forgive or forget.

8- Wearing sunscreen is non-negotiable.

At 16, I would happily have burned to a leathery little crisp if it meant I got a tan. Now I’m older and wiser, my Mumma was right. Skin cancer and wrinkles are ugly… also- my pale skin is beautiful.

9- “Everything will be ok”

There have been moments in my life when I thought that everything was over. Honestly- some of the shit I’ve dealt with has been really fucking hard. But she was there always, with her unconditional love and her words of wisdom. It will be ok in the end.

God, why is she right about everything?



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