10 things that happen when you live with your partner

I’ve lived with two men in my life. The first was at university- where I lived with my ex-boyfriend for two-years. It wasn’t super intense however, because I had my own bedroom. I had my own space- and also, we lived with 4 other people.

However, now I live with Luke- and only Luke (if you don’t count the kittens)

It’s a whole different kettle of fish and it has been a learning curve for me. So here are 10 things I’ve learnt about living with your other half:

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 21.11.28.png

When you move in it’s going to be the most exciting thing ever.

If you’ve been living with your parents before, the freedom is literally unbelievable. We get to put our plates in cupboards THAT WE OWN TOGETHER! We get to find places to put all our things?! LOOK WE HAVE A BATHROOM! Every night is sleepover night- and you also get to have sex in every room, on everything… that’s pretty good too.

But not every night is going to be date-night.

The novelty will wear off slowly. There will be nights when the last thing you feel like doing is being fun and interesting- and end up slobbing in your trackies on the sofa together or doing your own thing in silence next to each other. (The mark of true comfortableness)

You’ll get too comfortable

I was cleaning my teeth the other day and Luke came in for a pee next to me. We fart, burp and have literally no qualms about sharing our gross body stuff with each other. Yum.

You’ll have a dumb argument about housework.

Legit before I wrote this blogpost I got stroppy because Luke keeps putting his old tuna mayo back in the fridge. Like why??

If you have an argument you can’t run off

I mean if one of you storms off upstairs, you’re going to have to awkwardly come back down eventually… (I mean we argue maybe once every few months but this is still balls)

What to have for dinner is honestly the biggest decision ever.

This is every conversation we have, ever. WHAT DO YOU WANT.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 20.57.45.png

You have endless private jokes.

I could actually fill a book with the amount of dumb shit we laugh about. I mean, you don’t have to live with them for this one- but it’s the best having someone who constantly makes you laugh right next to you.

You’ll start wearing each other’s clothes.

Moving in with a boy is basically access to an entire wardrobe of oversized jumpers, baggy trackies and stealing their boxer shorts.

You learn that you’re both disgusting humans.

When we first started dating I always had perfectly shaved legs, nice hair, good nails and was basically just on it. Now when Luke gets home from work he is greeted by a dishevelled mountain troll. Sorry not sorry.

You’ll be ridiculously excited to come home.

I genuinely get so happy when I leave work, because I know we’ve got an evening ahead of watching Netflix shows together, cuddling up, drinking ridiculous amounts of tea and getting to fall asleep next to each other every night. (Awh aren’t I just disgusting)



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