Things I’m passionate about

Passionate is such a buzzword in business- that I almost feel like it’s lost a lot of meaning when people say it now.

Everyone is ‘passionate’ about everything and it just sounds meaningless when you use it…

But I’m going to reclaim it.

If ever I’m feeling a little directionless in my life, I look to the things that spark my happiness, that bring me excitement… and I guess ultimately the things that I am (gag) passionate about.


Family- There is nothing more important to me than the health and happiness of my family. It’s been a difficult year or so health-wise for certain people in my bubble, and there’s been a lot of anxiety and worry… but things are starting to turn a corner. I try and spend as much time as I possibly can with my grandmas, my extended family and my mum, dad and sister. Luke also comes under this one, because he’s my fiancé and my family adore him. We’re all a unit now.

My pets- Cats= happiness in my book. Buzz and Woody are two of the best things to ever happen to me. They have such cheeky little personalities, they’re so cute and snuggly and they give me something important to look after. God, I know anyone who doesn’t have a pet that sounds so daft, but it’s true!

Writing- Words are everything to me. I’ve written a diary since I was 13… I have blogs scattered over the internet where I would write whatever took my fancy. I’m half-way through a novel and poetry is one of my new loves in life. Particularly for a career, writing is hugely important.

Food- I spent 5 years of my life restricting what I eat, worrying about everything that went into my mouth and getting anxiety about weight gain. Nowadays, I eat healthily, I exercise- but I also LOVE to eat. Food is awesome, and I’m not ever going to let myself forget that.

Feminism- I work partly for a gender-equality client, and a lot of what I do revolves around reading about the pay-gap, the abuse of women and how big the divide is. And fuck does it rile me. I’ll always fight the equality battle- be it in an argument with someone or just little actions and talking about it.

Mental Health Awareness- I could really have used someone to talk to when I was at my worst. I really want to be able to make an impact on breaking the mental health stigma in my life- and starting a more open-conversation about a wide spectrum of mental illness.

Books- I’m a bookworm for life. I love nothing more than getting snuggled up under a blanket and opening a (real not kindle) book. There’s such an escape from diving into another world, another life or even just learning something new. I want more people to realise that there’s no such thing as ‘not really being into reading’- because there’s SO much variety.

Travel- I’ve been fortunate enough to do a lot of travel in my time. I’d love to do some more exploring of Asia and America in the next few years. 

Although this list might seem stupid to some people, I think it’s actually a really helpful exercise in self-awareness. Already I’ve noticed that money and owning expensive things don’t even make it onto the list.

A lot of my excitement and happiness comes from people, experiences and sharing my words with other people. It’s a good way to put a little bounce back into the way you go about living your life- and maybe what I want from my own career.

Also- if you’re mentally ill, anxious or depressed- I think this gives you a great thing to look back on, to realize just how much stuff matters to you and in your life.

Give it a go!


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