Songs that make me feel like a bad-ass

I never underestimate the power of music to entirely change my mood. If I wake up feeling a bit less than fab, I layer my eyeliner thick, contour it up and stick on some tunes.

Honestly- it works.


So here are 11 songs that turn me from flailing, grumpy mess- to girl-boss:

Hold Me Down- Halsey

I’ve loved Halsey since the first time I heard Badlands. She’s fucking gorgeous, she has such a unique tone, lyrical style and I LOVE the way that her music is produced. What can I say, I’m a sucker for synths.

Me, Myself and I- G-Eazy, Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha is legit a sex goddess. Also, this song was what I used to listen to all the time when I was single. It makes me feel super empowered and I dunno if I’m the only one who feels like 10x sexier when I listen to a song with a fuck awesome beat.

You Don’t Own Me- Grace, G-Eazy

I can’t help it that I feel like Harley Quinn rolling around from the ceiling when I hear this. I used to play this loud and proud when my ex would complain about me dating someone new. Sorry bitch you had your chance. Also, this is the only Grace song I know well, but I really love her voice. It’s so deep and mellow! ( Can I have a voice like that plz)

Dangerous Woman- Ariana Grande

 I mean come on, who’s more empowering than Ariana herself? I swear that as an artist, she’s capable of doing anything. Killer vocals, killer tune- and such a sexy beat underneath.

Heaven Knows- The Pretty Reckless.

Luke played these guys for me when we first started dating and I’d never really heard any of their stuff before. My favourite song is House on a Hill, but this one really gets me going (lol)- It’s proper stamping your feet, teenage angst and I’m so here for a female lead singer. Also kinda fancy the pants off Taylor Momsen.

Pursuit of Happiness- Steve Aoki Remix

 This is such a house party tune, and it reminds me so much of being drunk in a packed room of people. I love house music when it’s done right, and this certainly is. Gets your heart pumping loud in your chest and makes you feel like you can do anything.

Drunk in Love- Beyonce

Okay, I can’t really explain this one. I like Beyoncé, but I’m not obsessed with Beyoncé like everyone else seems to be. However- this song is such an exception. It makes me want to move, dance and sing loud as hell. I also love her little dance in the video. Move dem hips!

The Nights- Avicii

 This is more a song that makes me want to go travelling, to be honest. If you’ve seen the music video it’s a huge motivation to keep doing exciting things with your life and never settling for less. It’s kinda electric, dance music- but the lyrics are the best part of this one for me.

Ain’t My Fault- Zara Larsson

 Zara Larsson is such a cheeky lil minx, I actually love it. This song is naughty, fun and pop-filled. I’m not suggesting for a minute it’s a groundbreaking tune, but it does make me feel wide awake and ready to smash out the day.

Hotter Than Hell- Dua Lipa

I’m bored of hearing how great ‘New Rules’ is all the time. Can we throw it back to slightly older Dua? Rolling Stone called this ‘a melting pot of pop-excellence’ and I have to agree, it’s so firey, sassy and catchy.

Bubblegum bitch- Marina and the Diamonds

Oh Marina- where did you go!!? I loved her album and music so much, and this song is proper cheeky, tongue in cheek fun- with cute pop beats and so much sass.

What are your best get-out-of-bed tunes?

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