15 unimportant things that really grind my gears

I Rachel Alice Hallett, am the proud owner of a resting bitch face.

I can’t help it.

It’s the way that my face is formed, the way my mouth kinda tilts downwards unless I’m making an active effort to smile- but also, I just genuinely get irrationally angry over A LOT of things.

So here are 15 (really not that dramatic) things, that really bring out my bitch-face in all it’s glory.

(DISCLAIMER: This is clearly a joking post btw, so keep your wig on)

People who take photos with an iPad

Like honestly, lord help me when I see this. If you’re holding up an iPad to the air, firstly mate, you’re going to drop it. Also, you look like a tool. Use your phone or a damn camera.

The words ‘shook’, ‘I can’t’ and ‘babes’

I dunno why twitter/ the world has accepted these as part of our language. They actually send a wave of cringe over me whenever I hear them. Sthap.

When people say ‘ish-yew’ instead of ‘ish-ew’

Same goes for tissue. Pure rage.

People who tell you their babies age in months (when they’re over a year)

I’m sorry but like, being 17 months is just not a thing. Please help a lass out who is very bad at maths.

When my hair gets caught on a piercing

Is there any pain more dramatic. The worst part of it is that it’s totally self-inflicted. Damn my past-self!

People who sneeze really dramatically

You must be putting that noise on??? Surely nobody can actually sneeze like that.

Anyone who can’t use their, there and they’re

It’s literally taught at secondary school. If you’re finding it that tough then please have a refresher on it.

Girls who wear gym clothes to not go to the gym

This is secretly me being a jealous bitch that no matter what I wear, my bum ain’t never going to look peachy. But legit, if I see you shopping, at starbucks or wandering around in gym clothes- i’m asking myself WHY.

The fact that M&M world exists and people actually go to it

Can this place just get hit with a meteor already? It’s actually dire.

People who say they’re ‘sassy’ when tbh they’re just rude

UGH ultimate pet-peeve. I’m a rude bitch some of the time, but I’m never going to claim that it’s sass or funny. If you’re adding tea-sipping emojis to downright mean things, then plz reassess.

Girls who can pull off side-ponytails


If you’re the slightest bit moody and a guy says ‘are you on your period’


Anyone who eats with their mouth open

Please go back to the hell from which you came.

People who try and get on the tube before you’ve got off

Honestly, you’re saving all of 0.027 nano-seconds and you’re being a right bloody nuisance.

Anyone who goes on a night-out and snapchats it. 

Sorry love, but nobody wants to watch the inside of a club dance-floor. It’s literally so boring.

What grinds your gears?





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