Why female friendships are the absolute best

Although I have several close male friends, I would say that the majority of my close connections are women.

I went to an all-girls school and there’s a group of 9 of us that are still best friends today.

My two absolute closest mates are girls, my sister is… um a woman ha? And my work-wife- I’m pretty sure I couldn’t live without her.

I don’t know why I’ve connected so closely with so many girls in my time- but I guess ultimately, I’m a girls girl?

They’re my rocks, my Taylor-style squad and ultimately- we’re a team.

There’s all the basic stuff like being able to bitch about periods together, share clothes, reading your mind when it comes to men, being as indecisive about food as I am… but that’s all stuff on the surface.

To me, there is nothing more important than female friendship.

Nothing gives me the gooey feeling inside as much as a dinner out with my favourite girls. There’s no boundaries, we’re so honest- and I feel like no matter what I do or say, they’re the support that holds me up.

I know that the same could be said of my male friends- but i guess in my life I’ve always felt a stronger connection with other lasses.

My best guy friends have previously offered opinions about ex boyfriends, but it’s Alicia I go to when I want it told straight, because she’s honest and she knows who treats me right.

My friend Dave knows that I suffer with anxiety but its my girls that I go to when I’m having anxiety attacks about stupid things.

My fat corner (nickname that stuck at school) are the ones who I can rely on to make me wee with laughter.

If someone is being nasty to me I message my sister, my friend Tash or my work wife. They’re all feisty and none of them would take that shit.

Girls get such a bad reputation for being bitchy or snakey- and tbh I understand that. There’s nothing more brutal than a group of girls who band together in dislike for someone.

But if you find your tribe or make a connection girl to girl- there ain’t much that’s more empowering. (Channeling my inner Beyoncé right now)

There’s nobody that understands me better than my girls. I think my work-bestie Emma gets this more than anyone.

I can literally tell her ANYTHING. Like honestly, she knows my to my core.

The thing I’ve learnt as well is that- most women struggle with the same things.

Get to know the person underneath and you’ll realise a whole range of amazing things about them. We’re all insecure, we all fuck up and everybody just wants ultimately to be happy.

It kinda reminds me of when you’re drunk in a club.

Is there any place more fab than the girls toilets?!

There you are, having a pee with three of you crammed in one cubical- the next minute you’re telling some girl you’ve just met how beautiful she is and how she deserves everything and more.

There’s such a solidarity to be women who stand with other women and egg each other on to be the best that they can be.

Women who empower other women are so important!

So thanks ladies for all you’ve done for me so far. I’ll cheerlead you on until my dying day.


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