Am I sharing too much online?

As a person, I’m an absolute open-book. There’s nothing that I probably won’t share with my friends over a glass of wine or even just in the office at work lolz. From my weird problems, to my sex-life, to smear-tests… there’s nothing that I’m embarrassed about sharing with most people.


The same thing could be said of my online presence. I’ve written openly about dating, sex, my struggles with mental health- hells, I’ve got a blogpost in my drafts about my cervical surgery- I mean talk about TMI.

But I’m a little worried- am I sharing too much of myself online?

I guess I’m a little self-indulgent, which is why I love to write blogs and was absolutely obsessed with Twitter at one point, but does my oversharing also impact other people?

I quite often throw Luke into my posts, my friends, people I’ve fallen out with- and in that, I’m sharing other people’s story and life with my platform.

They haven’t chosen to do that and contrary to me thinking I have creative license to write about them, they might not actually want their dirty laundry aired online.

It’ difficult because I don’t want to silence myself or censor what I’m writing- but it’s also something that I’m mulling over in my head about their rights to keeping things personal and ultimately, private.

Additionally, people have sometimes misinterpreted my tweets to be about them. I mean firstly, get your head out your ass plz… but also, maybe I need to be more careful to not be so cryptic/ sharing that people would assume I would write about them.

Because i’m an over-sharer, people look to my social media to see my reaction. They read my blogs, my tweets etc. and assume that I want to write it all out.

( I mean sometimes I do, but if the shoe fits mate)

The other aspect of sharing online, is people definitely think they know me- when I’m sorry but you just don’t.

Reading 4-5 tweets a day and a blogpost or two does not give you an insight into my soul.

You might think that you know something about me, but I can guarantee you, I am a vastly different person to the one I portray online here.

I write on here when I’m sad/ anxious/ angry or passionate. That’s one side of me.

I don’t show my sensitive side, my insecurity, my sense of humour or the things that i’m keeping inside my head.

I don’t share a huge amount about my relationship, about the wedding, about the things that keep me awake at night- but I feel like by sharing a lot- people do assume they know me.

Ultimatly, the golden question is always gonna be ‘how much is too much?’ There’s no nice tidy ending to this, because honestly, I don’t have the answer.

I guess it’s all going to be a learning curve, to find my boundaries between sharing enough and keeping some things to myself.



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