5 decisions that changed my life

There’s been so many moments in my life that have shaped me as a person- but I thought I’d share 5 of the most important decisions I’ve ever made, that shaped who I am- and where I am today.

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Reading Harry Potter.

Okay, I know that this sounds silly- but this is genuinely one of the most life-changing moments in my life. First off, it spurred me on to a lifetime of being an obsessive bookworm. Secondly, it also made me want to be a writer/ author and aspire to create my own world of fantasy. Finally, Harry Potter is where I go when I’m down. It’s my safety blanket, my anxiety medicine and it’s brought me so much comfort in times when I didn’t know what else to do. If in doubt, Hogwarts is always there.

Going through clearing.

When I was predicted my A-levels I needed 3 A’s. I didn’t work as hard as I could have and ended up dropping a grade. Bummer. This meant that I lost my place at Nottingham University. Instead of taking a year out, I spent the whole evening calling universities- and ended up picking Kent on a total whim. I had never been there, no idea what to expect from it- and totally changed the course I’d been planning on doing. It was spontaneous and it changed the entire course of my friendships, relationships and career to this day.

Going on anti-depressants.

I had thought at one time that my permanent state was just going to be that I was a ‘worrier’ or ‘a bit anxious’- but going to the doctor and having anxiety and OCD officially diagnosed, meant I was finally able to get the rebalancing of hormones that I needed. Mental illness is difficult and the tablets changed my life and the way that I cope.

Downloading Tinder.

When I became single I was so sceptical of online dating. It seemed like it was a breeding ground for creeps and people looking for casual sex. I had decided to delete it, just as a message popped up from a guy called Luke. He was cute, he was funny- and we had such a great conversation…. now? We’re engaged! A total life-changer.

Quitting my job on the spot.

This was one of my ultimate life highlights. I’d been working at a HORRIBLE place for around 4 months. The boss was genuinely nasty to everyone, the pay was awful- and it made me so depressed even thinking about going in there everyday. Until I got offered a job at Formative (where I work now)

I went into the office, told the bitch boss- she told me that she needed to find a replacement and could I do two more weeks. I said nope, sorry- and left on the spot.

I know that sounds awful, but she was honestly the nastiest woman ever. I practically skipped out of the office that day!

Now? I’m so much happier in my career and where I am. A lot of this stuff at the time didn’t seem that life altering, but it really was 🙂

What moments have changed your life?




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