Films I hate, that everyone else loves

Like I said before, I love the cinema. But I also despise anyone who likes stuff for the sake of liking stuff.

Just because something is critically acclaimed, that does not give it licence to be a decent film.

I’m very open about the fact that quite often, movies that everyone else seems to adore- I just don’t like.

So here, are my most hated films- that everyone else loves:

The Social Network

Right, Mark Zuckerberg may be a genius and yes Facebook is really great blah blah- but this film is SO boring. Zuckerberg basically comes off as a massive douchebag, I find the story irritating- and I genuinely feel like people must be pretending when they say they’ve enjoyed it. I’ve tried to watch it a couple of times because I feel like I must be missing something… but nope- still awful in my view.

Taxi Driver

This movie is on EVERY DAMN LIST of things to watch before you die- and after seeing it, I’m asking myself why. There’s a lot of themes, Robert De Niro is undoubtably a brilliant actor- but this film? It’s bloody weird. I didn’t get it, I didn’t feel like enough happened- and I found the ending super unsatisfactory.

Home Alone

Ok don’t murder me. I know everyone seems to think this is a Christmas classic, but honestly I find it irritating. Maybe it’s just a bit too slapstick for me, and I never really watched it as a child- so I don’t get that nostalgia that everyone else does. But this one never goes on my to-watch list at Christmas time.


Yes, this was visually very nice. But it was also like 3 hours long, a total rip of Pocahontas/ Dances with Wolves- and let’s face it- it’s not so amazing that it deserved the hype it got. I’ve watched it once and once was absolutely enough.

The Notebook

Ok, as a teenager- I LOVED this film. It was cute, it was everything that I wanted from my future relationship- and also hey Ryan Gosling. But watching it back a year ago, I realised that actually- is it really worth all the hype? They have this really fucked up, kinda emotionally abusive relationship- that just doesn’t really scream romance to me. I feel like the story is so unbelievable that there’s something about it that stops it from being this iconic romance….but let’s face it- i’ll still cry at the ending.

The Age of Adaline

All the reviews say that it’s ‘beautiful’ and ‘timeless’- well I think this movie is ‘boring’ and ‘preposterous’. I just didn’t get the hype at all, and ended up switching off. Maybe I’ll try and give it another go one day- but today is not that day.



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