My all-time favourite films

I love films. As a child I used to tell my parents that one day I wanted to be a film director. I studied several media modules at uni and I’ve made little YouTube videos (although they’re not particularly good) for the last couple of years.

Although I ended up pursuing writing instead- I’ve still got a lot of love in my heart for the big screen. So here- are my favourite films of all time.

(I am obviously not putting Harry Potter, The Matrix, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings on this list. Because I am a multi-flavour nerd and it is an absolute given that I love those films.)

Edward Scissorhands.

Okay, I know that Johnny Depp is a total piece of garbage and I don’t advocate his new stuff, but this has been my favourite movie since I was 13. It’s the most beautiful film EVER (and don’t argue with me on that one), I cry every single-time, it’s ridiculously quote-able and never have I loved a couple us much as Edward and Kim. Be still my beating heart.

Shutter Island.

The first time I saw this I was literally gob-smacked and restarted it to watch it again. It’s a thriller, psychological mindfuck- with one of the best twists in cinematic history. Plus it has Leo in it. What ain’t to love?

Romeo and Juliet- Baz L Version.

Young Leo, Claire Danes and my favourite Shakespeare. This is SO perfectly done. They use the original dialogue from the play, but it’s set in a modern-world Verona Beach.

Gone Girl.

This is one of my all-time favourite books, and I was so nervous for the movie. However, the casting is perfect. Rosamund Pike is the perfect Amy, Ben Affleck is okay as Nick- although not totally how I imagined him… But I think for an adaptation this perfectly done. Claps to you David Fincher.

Black Swan.

This is the only Darren Aranovsky film I’ve seen, but boy is this a brilliantly dark, twisted mind-fuck. It follows the story of Nina- a ballet dancer, total perfectionist and beautifully vulnerable. She is cast as the lead in the company production of Swan Lake- where she must get in touch with her darker side to embody the black swan. Honestly, this is almost my all-time favourite film. I love how many layers of meaning are behind it, the themes and the horror factor. Honestly, I could write essays on this.

Fight Club.

Yep, I’m boring and cliché but there’s a reason this is always in everyone’s list. It’s perfect. If you haven’t seen it, stop reading this immediately and go watch it. Plus, I can’t talk about it. (HAHA I’m so not funny)

Raiders of the Lost Arc.

Eh man what can I say, I’m a sucker for Indiana Jones. I love the adventure, the theme-tune, Harrison Ford- the whole lot. Although scary melting faces had me quaking in my boots as a kid.

Inside Out.

This is my absolute favourite Pixar. (God it was hard to pick between this one and the Incredibles)- but I love the story! It’s obviously a kid’s film, but they’ve put so much in for adults as well. It follows the 5 little people (?) who run the brain of 12-year-old Riley, and the traumas of becoming a teenager. It’s so cute, heartwarming, funny and sweet.


A group of drug-addicts run around Edinburgh. That’s pretty much how I can summarize this movie. (The book is also AMAZE) It’s gritty, dirty and the acting is absolute brilliance. Plus it’s fueling my absolute obsession with how much I love Scottish accents. Choose life kids.

Kill Bill- Volume 1.

The story follows ‘the Bride’- who wakes up from a coma, realizes that her life has been ruined by Bill and his Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. So, she seeks revenge. First off, this movie gave me the alarm bell sound that I constantly do, it’s also Quentin Tarantino (a film-directing genius) and the story and way it’s filmed are brilliant. Of course it’s gory, look at the director- but it doesn’t take anything away from the story.

Pans’ Labyrinth.

This film is outright extraordinary. It’s honestly like nothing I’ve ever seen, and follows Ofelia, a girl, fascinated with fairy-tales sent to live with her new stepfather, a captain of the Spanish army. I feel like this film is not only perfectly shot, brilliantly acted but the contrast between the Labyrinth and the real grit of post-Spanish Civil-War is so well-balanced. Also- it’s in Spanish, so I hope ya like subtitles.

Little Miss Sunshine.

The story follows a dysfunctional family across the country in a van, to get their daughter to a beauty pageant. It’s all about family, love, acceptance- and also it’s heart-wrenchingly sad in some places. Plus Olive is a damn icon for how we should all live our lives.


This movie is SO unlike any other superhero movie out there. The story follows Dave Lizewski, comic book fan who one day decides to become a superhero. It’s funny, it’s violent, it’s music is ace and also it’s so true to the comic. I LOVE THIS ONE.

500 Days of Summer.

My absolute favorite anti-romance… this story follows the story of Tom and Summer. It starts with their break-up and goes back the last 500 days to tell their story. As I’ve seen this over the years I’ve changed my view on it so much. I used to feel sorry and relate to Tom so much, but nowadays? Summer was always in the right. K glad that’s sorted. Also I love the Smiths too.

Baby Driver.

A recent addition to my list- I saw this one in an advanced early-screening and it was SO frustrating not being able to talk to anyone about it. The movie follows ‘Baby’- a getaway driver. The soundtrack is filmed in time with the shots, the music is bangin’ and fuck me do I love Angel Elgort. (Shame that Kevin Spacey had to be in this one. Can we re-film with someone else plz)

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