How to save money around Christmas

Christmas is coming fa la la la laaaaaa! Although I’m basically thinking about the amount of mince pies I can stuff in my mouth in one go, what date I’m going to winter wonderland and how many people can I feasibly ask to buy me books… there is another side to Christmas that I’m coming across as an adult.

It’s damn expensive.

With rent to pay, bills, petrol, gym memberships, credit cards and ya know eating and living… this year is going to be harder than I’d imagined. However- don’t fret!!

I’ve come up with 8 tips for saving your hard earned dollar this Christmas:

1- Cash in on your loyalty cards. I’ve been using my boots card all year and now I’ve accumulated enough points to definitely buy a couple of presents with it. You’d be surprised how much casual use throughout the year has built up.

2- Black Friday is coming. Most outlets will be slashing their prices, so it’s worth keeping an eye on that and buying the more expensive stuff when it’s going for less.

3- handmade doesn’t have to be shit. Some of my most successful gifts have been handmade ones! I once made my ex a scrapbook filled with photos and messages from his friends when he was leaving the country, and honesty- I think it’s one of the best presents I’ve ever given.

4- 0% credit cards. I do not advocate getting yourself into debt, but some cards will give you interest free options- meaning you can spread the cost and pay it back slowly over the next couple of months. (Also I’m no finance expert so plz don’t blame me if this backfires)

5- Pool your coins that are lying around the house. If you’re anything like me you’ve got a couple of jars, piggy banks and the like filled with random coins. You can cash all these in on those machines outside supermarkets and actually use those coins that are just collecting dust.

6- Don’t buy for the sake of buying. Me and Luke are getting married so I’m gonna be hella mad if he spends loads of money that we could save to put towards our big day. I’m happy with some chocolate buttons and giovanna fletchers new book tbh!

7- If you’re struggling your family will not care! You don’t need to bust your balls to buy your Grandma some soap. Just be honest and maybe make them a card or buy a nice frame and put a photo of your family in it. Little gifts go a long way.

8- Lame but true- but xmas is not just about present buying. Enjoy the family, the food, the religious aspect (if that’s your bag) and try and be a bit more organised next year ha!

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