A week away from Twitter

I’ve written a fair amount on my blog about my incessant twitter addiction. But last week, I reached a tipping point with it.

I kept seeing people pop up who just put me in a shitty mood, I was bored of reading everyone’s mindless babble and the constant flow of bad news, whining and moaning were really getting to me.

I’m a human of no half-measures so I decided on a whim, to delete it.


I deactivated it, deleted the app and tried to avoid going on it unless I absolutely had to for work.

It’s been a week away from Twitter (aside from one stint when I saw something about Zoella and was so nosy I stalked the hashtag)- but apart from that, I’ve been AWOL.

And ya know what? I’m already happier.

Despite a sad protest from my dad- who lost one follower (of 10) as a result, and a message from a family friend who asked where I’d disappeared, it didn’t really appear that anyone particularly noticed my sudden disappearance.

I’d been using my blog as an excuse to keep it to “promote my new stuff”- but actually, the best thing I’ve ever done for my blog is cutting Twitter out.

I’ve had so much spare time to write blogs, I feel so much more creative and it’s actually insane how much the engagement on my posts has gone up lately! (I’ve gone from 1500 clicks to over 2000 in a week)

I’m using Facebook and WordPress to share- and the fact I’m creating so much more content is really working to my advantage.

Like legit I’ve written about two blogs a day for the last week.

I’m really enjoying the motivation I have to write at the moment and I’m hoping to keep my flow going. (Sorry you’re gonna be spammed with content on here!)

I still want to chat and talk and I have a couple of friends I’ve made online- but I don’t need Twitter for that as I’ve just connected to them either by phone, email, Facebook or Insta.

I’ve realised in my week off stint, a few things:

Firstly, my headspace is a lot healthier when I don’t vent it out to a group of strangers. If I’m anxious, it helps to write for sure- but I’ve found instead of that I’ve voiced my worries and upsets in real life to people who REALLY care about me. Thanks, Mumma you the real MVP.

Secondly, my creative juices are absolutely flowing. I’m not wasting energy trying to be funny in 280 characters. Instead, I’m trying to be funny on my blog (weep), I’ve been reading so much more and I’ve started really getting motivated to finish my book.

Thirdly, I’m not at risk of upsetting anyone anymore. The only drama I seem to have had in my life lately has been related to Twitter and a huge amount of misinterpreted information. Always a good thing to remove yourself rather than fight back.

Finally, I don’t know if I’ll go back or not.

Twitter is a cheeky little temptress and gives you 30 days to decide if you want in again.

I really missed tweeting along to the secret life of 4-year-olds, I really wanted to respond to the news about the HPV vaccine, I do miss connecting with other bloggers- but at a basic level- the positive change that has come from it isn’t drawing me back right now.

I love Twitter as a platform, but the way I was using it was becoming unhealthy.

So until I can rejoin it and use in moderation- I’m gonna steer clear for the next week or so.



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