9 things that definitely make me an adult (sorta)

I’m currently 23 years old and that means that i’m in that weird in-between stage of my life where i’m 50% still a floundering mess and 50% pretending to be full-functioning adult.

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It’s hilarious, because since I got engaged that seemed to be the switch in most people’s mind that YEP RACH TOTALLY HAS HER SHIT TOGETHER.

Well, PSA: I do not have my shit together.

I’m currently writing this wrapped in my dressing gown, which I spilt noodles down earlier- I’m going to the doctor with MY MUM this week and I accidentally fell asleep with my hair in a top knot, so now I look like a rather less attractive version of Miss Trunchbull.


However, not to be totally down on myself- I thought I’d write a quick post about 9 of the grown-up things that I do now, that I would absolutely have laughed in your face if you’d told me when I was 18.

I pay for my music. – Gone are the glorious days of Limewire and converting weird music videos onto your I-pod (so you had to listen to loads of weird shit going on during the song)- these days I actually earn money, so I kinda think it’s only fair that I buy albums or pay for a spotify subscription. (this is hilarious because I’ve just remembered Luke pays for my spotify… but this still counts right?)

I check my bank account. When I was a student I used to just ignore whatever was going on in that pit of doom until my card got rejected (lols cry)- nowadays I actually look and see how little money I have. Hahahaha why.

I tell people upfront if I don’t want to attend stuff. Instead of rolling around in despair on the floor at how much I cba/ don’t feel up to it- I straight up say to people that I won’t be making it. It saves so much aggro and you don’t get a reputation as a flake if you don’t say you can go in the first place!

I’ve toned down my swearing. I mean I swear on my blog for emphasis, but I had the dirtiest mouth EVER a few years ago. I’m sure 90% of my sentences contained the word fuck, fucking or shit. Nowadays I’ve gone all old-school and say words like ‘fudge’ and ‘balls’- who even am I?

I own extra toothbrushes and I change it every three months. Hey man, dental care is important *shrugs*

I have stamps in my purse. I mean really mega-lol at this, I don’t think I’ve sent a letter since 2006.

I don’t have as many cool piercings anymore. I mean this is 99% because my belly-button got infected and my daith did too and my helix hated me and basically my body hates metal in it… but still, I feel like i’m becoming a boring ass adult now I don’t have ears/ a body that is basically held together with tiny bars of metal. LAME.

I have a pension. HELLO GRANDMA.

I change the radio station from Capital. Sorry, but this is peak adulthood. They play the same songs over and over again and also damn what is up with music these days?!?!

I mean despite all these things, I reckon until the day I die I’m always gonna be that kid who loves harry potter, eats too many sweets and spills everything she eats on herself eh? Some things will never change.


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