My All-Time Favourite TV Boxsets

I’m a massive TV watcher. I never used to have time for it while I was at school or in sixth form, but a combination of doing a low-hours course at uni and being in a household of lazy people (myself included) meant we spent an awful lot of time with the television on. (Tbh we talked through 90% of the shows but ya know)

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However, I’ve watched some damn brilliant series in my time. These aren’t new and probably not revolutionary, but if you’ve missed the boat the first time I thought it might be an interesting read! So here are my all-time favourite TV shows:

Death Note

This is one of the first anime series I ever properly got stuck into and I swear me and Luke binged this non-stop for about a month. It’s always one of the top recommended ones and such a unique, thrilling and exciting story. The premise follows that a notebook falls from the sky and into the hands of a student. Whomever’s name is written in the notebook will die.

It sounds proper gory and awful but I promise this is something that I loved every minute of. It’s also pretty funny…

And as a side-note, please dear god do not watch the Netflix movie adaptation of this. Never have I been so let down by anything.

Gavin and Stacey

I dunno what it is about this show, but it’s so wholesome at it’s core. The characters are so relatable and genuinely feel like your weird family and friends. They have proper boring but relatable lives and it’s actually so funny once you get into it.

A solid choice for me if ever I’m down in the dumps.


Seasons 1-3 ONLY. Do not bother any further than that. The story follows a group of juvenile delinquents who find themselves with superpowers whilst doing community service. This show is SO funny, so clever and so completely random. Plus it has Robert Sheehan in it. HELLLLOOOOOO irish accent.

The Walking Dead

I adore every season of this show (except the one that is mostly spent walking along the train track) It’s already on season 8 and shit has gone from 0-100 real fast.

Although I go through phases of being frustrated at the pace of it and the lack of story sometimes, I think that the acting is endlessly brilliant, the story isn’t too drastically different from the comics and it still has that thrill factor.

Still mad about one particular death though. UGH WHY.

Stranger Things

I was late on the bandwagon with this one… but again was forced by my other half into watching it. AND OMFGGHHGHH how could you not love this show?

Following the disappearance of Will, strange events begin to occur in the small town. It’s got paranormal activity, horror and a strange girl called eleven.

I loved every minute of season one and in all honesty? I think season 2 is even better (apart from episode 7- if you know, you know)

American Horror Story (Murder House/ Coven)

This one is tricky, because I would 100% put this in my favourite TV shows. But I can’t lie- I only really love Murder House and Coven. (Kinda also like hotel just because Gaga is in it)

Each series has the same (or much the same) actors, and follows a different theme. It’s trippy, creepy, brilliantly written and it has Evan Peters in it. Who is my boyfriend. Sorry lads.

Attack on Titan

Based on a manga series, it follows the story of Eren- a young boy who joins the military in order to fight Titans (giant fugly naked monsters)

It’s classic anime, it’s beautiful, the story is so gripping and also the episodes aren’t too long so it’s an easy one to watch.

The OA

This one is rogue. But it’s weird enough and entertaining enough to warrant a watch in my opinion.

The story follows Prairie Johnson, a young woman who returns home after a 7-year disappearance- no longer blind.

This show is crazy weird but I can’t lie- it had me hooked. Plus the ending is so odd I need more people to watch it so i can discuss and debrief with them.

The Office

Controversial, but I prefer the American office to the UK one. I think the characters are so much funnier in that one and Pam and Jim are literally couple-goals for life.

Also Dwight. God help me I think I nearly had a heart-attack from laughing at him.


I resisted watching this for ages because some smug girl I used to go to drama class with is in it, but actually, after giving it a shot I’ve gotta say that she- alongside a star-studded cast make for a brilliant crime-drama.

This is the BBC at their finest- leaving you hanging at every episode and screaming at the TV in frustration. If that ain’t worth a watch then I don’t know what is.

Grey’s Anatomy

Omg my heart. This show is all things terrible and tearful in life, but it’s also so wonderful and full of wisdom that you just have to watch it.

I stg after one of the characters died I cried for about four days.

It’s based in a hospital, but so much better than your typical hospital drama- aside from bizarro accidents that would 99% not happen this frequently (hello boat explosion and bomb threat). Tbh I’ve developed a strange obsession with the characters. You become obsessed with them, they become your best friends and you love them like that. lol hello mega weirdo fan-girl.

If you’ve got anything like these that you think I’d like then please lemme know!

Also I’m doing a follow-up on shows that I think are bloody overrated so please for the love of god nobody tell me to watch Breaking Bad, Pretty Little Liars or The Vampire Diaries.




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