Undercover Princess- Book Review

So I picked up Connie Glynn’s latest book, ‘Undercover Princess’ from Amazon the other day. I’ve never watched her videos but I know that she’s a Youtuber (I guess it’s why Amazon recommended it to me)

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Anyway, I thought that the cover was absolutely beautiful and I’d read far too much horror lately- thanks Stephen King- so something a bit easy and light might be just the right thing.

However, I’m afraid to say that this book was just FAR too light for me. I love children’s books and am definitely no book snob when it comes to what I read- but ‘Undercover Princess’ is one of those books that I’ve really struggled through from start to end.

Let me point out firstly and fairly- that this is Connie’s first published book. She’s clearly a very imaginative and creative girl and at it’s core- this is a lovely story, filled with positive messages about friendship, school and life. I’m not under any circumstances trying to tear her down or discourage her from writing anything else, because I think that this book shows a lot of potential.

However, as much as it pains me to say- I really wouldn’t be giving an honest review if I recommended it.

The plot is clunky and rushed. One minute we’re at home with Lottie and her wicked stepmother. One minute we’re in Rosewood School. Then we’re in a library, then we’re in Maradova (a place I’m still not entirely sure if it’s fictional or supposed to be real) then we’re back….

The world building is short and brief and leaves the reader confused and unsure of where we are.

I find the characters a little unbelievable as well. Lottie and Ellie seem to be worst enemies and then about 1 page later they’re BFFs. I dunno, this kind of irritates me.

I like a bit of grit to my characters and i’m afraid that they didn’t seem human to me. They’re all sickly sweet and have a touch of the goody-two-shoes about them.

It reminded me a bit of Carrie Hope Fletcher’s writing. Clearly two very creative individuals, who have rushed through their books to meet a deadline and get some feedback from their audience.

Gotta say that I won’t be picking up any sequels- sorry Connie!




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