Should you still be watching house of cards?

I started a heated discussion in the office yesterday.

When someone told me they were planning to go and see ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ I told them that they shouldn’t, because it supported Johnny Depp’s career.

I did the same in a reply to a tweet that Lucy Moon posted- asking her why she was watching House of Cards when Kevin Spacey was in it.

I ALWAYS do the same when Chris Brown is played anywhere near me.

And finally I’m saying it, why do most people continue to see the art, if you don’t agree (read between the lines: HATE) the artist?

For most of the people who’ve defended themselves against me, they’ve said that:

‘well there’s loads of other people involved who I don’t want to penalize for one bad person’

That may well be true to you- but in my eyes, the people who hire, work with or alongside abusers are just as bad – as they endorse them.

In my eyes- once an accusation comes out against a celebrity, that should be the end of their career, full-stop, no questions asked.

I understand that this is a super moral minefield… does it depend on how bad their crime is in your eyes? Does it matter how unethical the boundaries pushed were? Do you boycott things that they were in before you found out??

It’s a difficult discussion and one that I’m still hashing out with myself and the way it fits in to my own ethics.

Harvey Weinstein was a good example of what SHOULD happen when the behavior and actions come out. Trash them, strip their awards and condemn them.

If you don’t make an example of the people who have influence, then what happens to the little people who do the same thing?

I think what I’m currently standing with is these three facts:

  1. We can’t allow abusers to have careers, make money and stay in the spotlight.
  2. I personally can’t even look at Kevin Spacey’s slimy face without feeling nauseated.
  3.    I think that the problem I have, I cannot and will not forgive people who don’t pay the price of their behavior- and I will not ever support their media.

What do you think?


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