15 life lessons I’ve learnt

There’s a lot of things I’ve learnt during my 23 years on the planet. Most of them good and useful life lessons, some of them totally ridiculous. So, I thought I would share some of that wisdom/ woe today, with you- my lovely readers- Enjoy!

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Lesson 1: Boyfriends in your teens are temporary. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule, but how often do you meet a couple who met when they were 15 and stayed together? Yeah heartbreak is inevitable, and you’ll probably spend a few weeks crying, eating ice-cream and wearing the jumper you stole off him. But don’t worry- life is exciting, there are tons of new people to meet and one day you’ll look back and realize that the world didn’t end after all?

Lesson 2: Pee after sex. Don’t argue, just do it. I don’t care how tired you are, or how snuggly it is in bed with your other half. You are in for a world of pain if you ignore that. If you do get cystitis, then get the lemon-flavored drink instead of the cranberry one. It won’t make you want to throw up anywhere near as much. Also sit in the bath. It helps. And get on the antibiotics pronto. Ain’t nobody got time for a kidney infection.

Lesson 3: Avoid credit cards/ overdrafts like the plague. It might look and feel like free money, but you’re going to have to pay that back one day. Take it from the crazy lady who had no regard for finances until about a year ago.

Lesson 4: Don’t ever dye your hair blonde at home. You will look like a ginger ferret for the next week and spend four hours googling quick-fix solutions. (As an add on to this- tomato ketchup does not help. Nor does washing your hair in beer)

Lesson 5: Calories are not a real thing. They are a name to explain the energy content of a food. Stop counting them. They’re stupid and it’s a waste of time. Eat what your body needs, move enough and if you want to lose weight work out healthy meal plans. I promise that you won’t put on a stone if you eat a burger on a night out with your friends.

Lesson 6: There will be people in your life who you realize aren’t good for you. It is okay to phase them out. I’ve removed several toxic friendships throughout my life and it’s been sad at first, but then one day you just stop thinking about them. I occasionally wonder what some of them are doing, but I think my life is a whole lot better without people who try to put you down for their own benefit.

Lesson 7: Don’t go back to the guy you’ve broken up with several times. If you’ve found yourself having the ‘shall we stay together’ conversation, the answer is no. Also- don’t sleep with an ex-boyfriend. Not only is it unfair on you, but it’s also unfair on them. People are not there for you to use as you please. Dua Lipa outlined this one pretty-well.

Lesson 8: In contrast to the two above, forgiveness is also important. We’re all human, we all make mistakes. We’ve all been the person who talked behind someone’s back, sent a bitchy message or judged someone they didn’t know. Mistakes are part of life and being mature enough to accept an apology or admit you were in the wrong is SO important.

Lesson 9: Getting your eyebrows, hair or nails done will make you feel about 108X sexier. As will matching underwear. In an add on to this- once you get into a long-term relationship most of these things will slide.

Lesson 10:  Finding your identity can be hard. I’ve flitted between wanting to be so many different people throughout my life, but eventually you just end up as you. Yes I can be a bookworm, who’s loud and extroverted. Yes I can have tattoos and still work in a corporate environment. Yes, I can listen to whatever damn music I want. It takes a while and I think that your twenties are fully the time to have an identity/life crisis- but just do what makes you happy and that person will flourish.

Lesson 11: There is nothing that Harry Potter cannot solve. If ever in doubt, sadness or feeling a little lost, Hogwarts will always be your home. (wipes tears of joy away)

Lesson 12: Your friends are the family you choose. I’ve been so blessed (vom) that I have the absolute best family in the entire world, but not everyone gets this lucky. Friends are the ones that you get to pick to spend your time with. I’m always on the hunt (lol) for new people to befriend, so please if you read this- drop me a message on twitter!

Lesson 13: Having a signature drink is important. It saves you faffing around at the bar when you’re out. Mojitos, amaretto sours and a pint of cider are my personal favs.

Lesson 14: Health is a priority. Be it physical, mental or emotional. Try and invest in looking after your own body or getting therapy if you need it. There’s no shame in being open if you have struggles and the thing I’ve found is that NEARLY EVERYONE ELSE HAS THEIR OWN SHIT TOO. The amount of times I’ve shared with someone to realise that they were thinking the exact same thing is unbelievable.

Lesson 15: Don’t ever get a fringe. You do not have the face for it Rach.







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