Secrets For The Mad- Review

When I bought this book, I had been expecting a kind of chapter by chapter memoir, a little autobiography and it to be pretty-poorly written. (Sorry I adore you Dodie, but Youtubers do not have a good track record for writing books)


However, I was so pleasantly astonished and surprised at how wonderful this book is.

Not only does it look gorgeous- (I got the hardback version.) But the illustrations are adorable, the layout is quirky and unique and I love the fact that she mixed together songs, prose and mind babble all into one.

It’s basically a collection of writing that Dodie has done documenting her life, her mental illness and her creativity.

I cried several times reading it, and although I’ve personally never suffered depersonalization I felt so strongly for her and her struggles.

She touches on so many important subjects- and there’s such an easy flow to her writing that I just adore.

I’m giving this one 5/5- purely because it’s so wonderful, enlightening and pure. It’s rare to find a book that makes me feel like I’m not alone, and this one managed it. Thank you, Dodie.




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