Jigsaw: Review

This review is spoiler free

“The games have just begun.” And so, this quote stands.

Despite 7 previous films- Saw is back- with a gore splattered bang.

Having been a MASSIVE fan of this franchise since I was old/ strong-stomached enough to watch it, I’ve got to say that I was dead (ha) excited for this.

I think as it stands, this film was always going to be a difficult one to stand on its own two feet. The story following the general premise of its predecessors; cops befuddled by the rise of a dead serial killer, a game going on and the random outcasts involved in it.

I’ll get my gripes out the way first:

One major thing that needs to be pointed out early on, is that- YOU MUST SEE THE OTHER SAW MOVIES TO UNDERSTAND IT.

With tons of reference to John, the previous storyline and the importance of how/when he died- I’m honestly not sure how you would follow this without having seen the last ones.

This is kind of a shame, because being 7 years later there’s a whole fan-base that we could draw in with this movie- with references that are going to fly over their heads?

Performance wise… I’m never shocked to find that the actors are generally poor in these movies. OTT screaming for help, dramatic realizations that oh shit they’re prob gonna die.. it’s just not cutting it for me anymore. What can I say? I miss the days of Amanda Young!

However, notable commendation to Eleanor (Hannah Emily Anderson) for her twisted portrayal of John Kramer obsessive, scientist and general eye-candy. Big yes from me.

Now that’s out of the way, lemme say that I REALLY enjoyed this film, despite my concerns/ nit-picking.

It gave me shivers of excitement hearing the theme play, I LOVE the creativity of coming up with the new traps- and the advances in CGI made for some interesting games.

There’s a decent explanation, the classic twist and it’s not over-long either, meaning that it had my attention from start to end.

Overall? A damn entertaining flick, not for the faint-hearted- but a decent night out if you’re a fan.

Rating- 3.5/5


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