Do you have a life plan?

I know it might shock some people, but by some miracle, I actually made it to the age of 23- with a job, a fiancé, a house (rented) and some semblance of having my shit together?

But lately, I’ve been staggered by a number of people who’ve told me that I’m the one person they know who seems like they have their life on track.

ME? ME HAVE MY LIFE ON TRACK? DUUUUDE I’m still as flustered a mess as I was back when I lived in my parent’s house, single, unemployed and unsure of what my next move was.

See I’ve never really had a life plan because so much changes, so much of the time that I’ve never seen the point.


When I was in sixth form I looked to the next step… university. My plan? Go to Nottingham University, study Psychology,  find the love of life and become a therapist.

What happened? Didn’t get 3 A’s in A-levels, went through clearing, met a dude, broke up with a dude, ended up studying Sociology and Criminology and graduated with little to no idea of what the next step was.

When I graduated if I’d been going by the plan… I would have gone travelling to Australia for a year, find the REAL love of my life (probably tanned Australian surfer hunk) and come back a new woman.

What happened? Didn’t have money to travel, had terrible OCD and anxiety and had a boyfriend at the time that I didn’t want to leave. (Pale, English, not a surfer.)

When I started work my plan was to work in a magazine, become successful features writer, eventually editor and live in a sexy pad in central London.

I ended up working in payroll, recruitment, H&M and a school before deciding that I wanted to do an MA and specialise in Journalism… I ended up in Beaconsfield in Content (which btw I absolutely love 98% of the time)

It was never the career move that I’d imagined.. but it works for me. And NONE OF IT was in the original life plan.

I met Luke on Tinder. (Also not the dream I had imagined) but we hit it off straight away. He made me laugh, I was so happy and he just got me straight away.

So here we are now. I’ve got the foundations of a life that I’m so happy to have created. Despite all of my grand plans, I’m SO glad that they all fell through. I’m in the happiest relationship I’ve EVER been in. I live in the loveliest little house, with two kittens and the future Mr to my Mrs.

I love the people I work with, I’m on the right career path for me and I’m damn happy.

I didn’t end up going the way that I thought, but I guess the point of this post really is, don’t make plans.

Don’t set stupid goals for yourself to reach by the time you’re a certain age. Because you know what will happen? Life. Unpredictability. And that’s where the fun part really is, right?




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